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Activating Cultural Empathy (YWCA of Greater Portland)

YWCA of Greater Portland, 4610 SE Belmont
4610 SE Belmont St
Portland, OR 97213, US (map)




While there is growing awareness and value for equity, diversity and inclusion, we often fail to recognize how our own culture – what we consider normal – interferes with our ability to truly recognize and honor people of many backgrounds. Participants will explore the concept of cultural humility, and how that supports developing an attitude of learning and openness. Participants will then learn about the relatively new concept of cultural empathy, first gaining knowledge about what it is, and then practicing methods to increase cultural empathy through sharing stories, perspective taking, and empathetic journeys. The practice of cultural empathy creates a foundation for genuine conversation, which leads to increased relationship, understanding of difference and disparity, and ultimately inclusion of people of many backgrounds.


  • A lift is located on the north side of the building (on Belmont St)
  • A ramp is located in the parking lot on the south side of the building
  • Ramp and lift entrances are equipped with ADA door openers
  • All 3 levels of the building have elevator access
  • Gender specific restrooms on the main level are ADA accessible and equipped with automated doors
  • Gender neutral restroom on the lower level is ADA accessible and equipped with an automated door
  • Possibility to adjust lightning in the training room

For any questions or requests, please contact Aila Hauru at ailah@ywcapdx.org or (503) 294-7480.