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White Ally Toolkit--free event

Unitarian Universalist Church of Vancouver
4505 East 18th Street
Vancouver, WA 98661, US (map)



There is no evidence of this event on the UU Vancouver events page - https://www.uucvan.org/index.php/news-events/events-calendar-btl

The White Ally Toolkit Project focuses specifically on helping white folks have more effective encounters with people who are skeptical that racism is a problem. Utilizing contemporary research on persuasion, this free sermon by David Campt introduces the basics of this project.

Dr. David Campt worked for the White House on the Clinton Administration’s Commission on Race. He is a national expert on dialogue and race relations. He was called to Charlottesville after the violence there this summer. www.whiteallytoolkit.com

Questions: 206-849-9170