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Fighting Against Fascism: Past, Present and Future

SEIU Local 503, 6401 SE Foster at Holgate
6401 SE Foster Road, at Holgate
Portland, OR 97206, US (map)



There is a long and proud history of American Anti Fascist organizing. We are currently living in a time when the face of fascism is changing and new threats are emerging. Ciaran Mulloy (Twin City GDC), Mic Crenshaw (KBOO) and Tyrus (PNW-AWC) will be sharing their experiences with organizing against fascism for over 30 years, where we currently stand in this fight, and the future of this work.

Mic Crenshaw was born on the Southside of Chicago, and raised both there and in Minneapolis, Mic Crenshaw is a world class MC and poet who has emerged on the national - and international stage. As a teen in the late 80's, Mic was embroiled in the violent streets of Minneapolis, leading groups to physically confront white supremacist gangs that were enforcing their will at local parks and social scenes. After beating back the neo-nazis, the violence remained, both in the streets and from authorities. Crenshaw decided it was time to escape it all and moved west to Portland, OR. Crenshaw says, "I wanted something new. [At the time] my ties with the streets were still pretty strong, and my social life involved drinking and fighting. I was ready for a change."

Ciaran is a husband, father, soccer coach and union activist in Minneapolis MN. Ciaran was a co-founding member of Anti-Racist Action in Minneapolis 30 years ago(!) and has been deeply involved in anti-fascist organizing for decades. Ciaran is an elected union chief-steward at his workplace and also a member of the revolutionary union the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) - and its community defense arm, the General Defense Committee (GDC). The GDC has grown to approx 130 members in the Twin Cities and has played notable role in developing an IWW picket training, organizing community anti-fascist actions and participating in the militant movement against police brutality in the Twin Cities (including the murders of Jamar Clark and Philando Castille). Ciaran is also a member of the First of May Anarchist Alliance.

Tyrus was raised in Portland Oregon, with the invasion of Neo-Nazis in the late 80’s and early 90’s into the punk rock scene, the brutal murder of Mulugeta Seraw and the lead up to the Tom Metzger trials in Portland Tyrus got involved in S.H.A.R.P, PDX Baldies, and ARA, organizing physical resistance against white supremacist Nazi gangs in Portland.