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Reclaim the Streets! A day of action and community improvement



We are putting forth a call to action, in the name of claiming agency over our public spaces and meeting the needs of the communities we live in.

On Sunday 4/30, we are calling for the people of Portland to take to the streets, in their own neighborhoods, and in mutual aid with eachother, to autonomously address the needs of those specific neighborhoods.

Need an idea for actions to take? try some of these: - Patching Potholes! - Increasing the visibility of potholes that you cant patch with high visibility paint! - Installing/Painting Crosswalks! - Installing/Painting Bike Lanes! - Installing Stop Signs! - Removing broken glass and debris from roadways! - Knocking on neighbor's doors to introduce yourself! - Calling community meetings to discuss the needs of your neighborhood!

We will be producing instructional videos in the coming weeks to share information about how to perform some of these actions.

We are also working on infrastructure to assist individuals and groups to take action throughout the city.

Please be in touch if you have any questions, comments, thoughts and Ideas about this action.

Rise Up! Portland Anarchist Road Care