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Winter Autonomous Convergence

North Portland Library, 512 N Killingsworth
512 N Killingsworth Street
Portland, OR 97217, US (map)

Upstairs Conference Room



In response to a call to action from Crimethinc for J20 2018 community organizing initiatives, we (some anarchist in portland) are calling for a convergence of anti-capitalist, anti-authoritarian, and autonomous organizers to break out of their alienation and meet each other face to face in hopes of coordinating for action, growing together, and practicing mutual aid. We would like to propose a regular event series of anti-authoritarians and autonomous folks happening once per season for the purpose of

1) creating a public forum as an entry point to get plugged into radical organizing

2) a forum for different cliques, crews, organizations, and tendencies to find each other, build affinity, and collaborate.

3) A way for our communities to have in-person discussions on pressing and important issues in Portland.

4) Providing an opportunity for tabling, political education, and outreach.

This is not a platform for political parties, ballot initiatives, or authoritarian/oppressive bullshit.

We will provide coffee, tea, & snacks and be tabling radical literature. Please feel free to contribute to the snack table and if you or your organization is interested in tabling contact bookclub@protonmail.com

SAFEr SPACE DISCLAIMER Please do not come if you are aware that your presence makes people feel unsafe in radical spaces, you will be asked to leave. That being said, we cannot guarantee that problematic individuals will not attend this event. If we are made aware of a person that makes someone feel unsafe we will do our best to address those concerns.

Tentative SCHEDULE:


GENERATE DISCUSSION TOPICS FOR SPACEBAG (20 minutes): Suggest ideas for discussion in break-out groups. The following prompts might inspire ideas to discuss.

  • What are problems in Portland or regionally that can be addressed through autonomous organizing?
  • What are ways we can defend ourselves and our communities?
  • What are the challenges in Portland that prevent us from working collaboratively with each other? How can we address them?
  • What are issues or current events in Portland that are important to discuss?

BREAK ( 5 minutes)

SPACEBAG: ROTATING DISCUSSION GROUPS (1 hour): Choose a discussion group to explore and converse about a specific topic from the brainstorm session. You will have 20 minutes with that group. For each group we will use butcher paper to write down notes from the conversation to share with the following rounds group members and during our "report back" session all together. Someone will stay behind to fill in new group members about the previous conversation, building continuity through rotation rounds.

Round #1 (20 minutes) Round #2 (20 minutes) Round #3 (20 minutes)

BREAK (5 minutes)

REPORT BACK from discussion groups: All together, we will share and discuss our thoughts, notes, questions, and possible next-steps from break out groups (30 minutes)

"FIND EACH OTHER" project groups: An opportunity for people/groups to share what projects they are working on, why they are doing it, and how people can get plugged in.

ANNOUNCEMENTS & WRAP UP (Mingling encouraged)

RESOURCES, NEWS, ANALYSIS: It's Going Down: https://itsgoingdown.org/ Submedia.tv: https://sub.media/