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Portland DSA Canvass for Measure 101

SEIU Local 503, 6401 SE Foster at Holgate
6401 SE Foster Road, at Holgate
Portland, OR 97206, US (map)

Access Notes

Parking lot available. Ring bell at main entrance if door is locked. Accessible entrance located at the south side of building.



Come spend a Saturday helping The Democratic Socialists of America and Yes on Healthcare defend 350,000 vulnerable Oregonians from losing healthcare by spreading the word on Measure 101 coming up in this January's special election, as well as building the movement for single payer healthcare! We'll be working with the yes on Measure 101 folks to train everybody up on how to canvass, get our terf, load up into cars, and head out to knock doors. If you for some reason aren't able to knock on doors but want to get involved, fill out the RSVP form and we'll find important work for you to do!