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April Meal--HS Homeless Family Shelter

Human Solutions Family Center
16015 SE Stark Street
Portland, OR 97233, US (map)



IF YOU ARE INTERSESTED IN PARTICIPATING PLEASE EMAIL CHERYL or DEBBIE as space is limited for this ongoing outreach. Donations are always gladly accepted. cherylann2005@yahoo.com or Debbie Gordon sodeb77@gmail.com

Food servers and donations needed for this ongoing outreach. Servers need to be at the center around 5:30 pm.

If you are able to participate with cooking let Cheryl and Debbie know ASAP! Will you donate cash and someone else will put the food together, or will you provide the food item??

Also, if you are able to serve the meal, let them know. ASAP. We have limited space so please be very specific as to who will be volunteering. There will be some volunteers actually serving the food, two or three to help the mom's that have more than two plates to manage and 3 or 4 in the kitchen to keep warm food coming out and to rinse dishes that go into the dishwasher.

We don't take pictures that include the residents. We are there to deliver as much dignity as we can along with a nutritious meal. And we are appreciated by the residents!

The meal will be served on Sunday,April 30th. Food and Volunteers are asked to be at the center by 5:30 pm. We begin to serve around 6:15 pm. We need a total of 12 volunteers. A couple in the kitchen to bring out warm food, a couple to deal with dishes, and the rest out in front serving or helping a parent that has more than one child maneuver through the line.

MENU: Gr. beef stroganoff for 50 (recipe available) Gr. Beef stroganoff for 50 Gr. beef stroganoff for 50 Gr. beef stroganoff for 50

Green salad for 100 (3 oz per person) Green salad for 100 (3 oz per person)

2 large bottles ranch dressing, 2 large bottles vinaigrette dressing

Rolls (5 bags of Costco rolls), 2 lbs of butter softened and ready to serve.

Cupcakes--we need 200 regular size cupcakes, please let Cheryl or Debbie know how many you will provide