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PDX Gentrification: Priced Out

Clinton Street Theater, 2522 SE Clinton
2522 SE Clinton St
Portland, OR 97202, United States (map)



Priced Out is an investigative and personal look at how skyrocketing housing prices are displacing Portland's black community and reshaping the entire city. The feature-length documentary explores the complexities and contradictions of gentrification and how it relates to Portland's housing crisis. The film is a sequel to the 2002 documentary NorthEast Passage: The Inner City and the American Dream.

Tickets $8 - https://cstpdx-com.seatengine.com/shows/70332

Show will be followed by brief Q&A with the filmmaker.

PRICED OUT: Cornelius Stewart documents 15 years of Portland gentrification in this piercing and revealing film. Stewart will be on hand for Q&A after the screening.

In the late 1990s, Nikki Williams, a single mother living in Portland's only "ghetto," embraced the idea of gentrification. At that time, her neighborhood was dominated by abandoned buildings and the fear of drug dealers. Fifteen years later, Nikki was one of the last black residents on her block, as high-end restaurants and throngs of young newcomers came to dominate the area. While some black residents said good riddance to the old neighborhood, others felt betrayed by city officials who promised revitalization without displacement. As gentrification grew beyond Nikki's neighborhood and plunged the entire city into a housing crisis, Nikki found herself torn between feelings of grief about the loss of home.

Gentrification, a phenomenon that occurred only in big cities like New York, is now sweeping across cities across the country from Tacoma to Toronto, Minneapolis to Memphis.

Over the last decade, urban neighborhoods once considered no man’s land have transformed into some of the most desirable places in the country. But these new investments are just the latest chapter in a long history of institutional discrimination that has sought to isolate and exclude minorities. Communities once devastated by redlining, urban renewal, and drugs are now being crushed by market forces as big business moves in and longtime residents get priced out.

Post-screening Q&A with filmmaker, Cornelius Swart!

Director: Cornelius Swart
Country: United States
Year: 2017
Runtime: 60 minutes