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Rally to Save the Elliott State Forest

Oregon Department Of State Lands
775 Summer Street Northeast
Salem, OR 97301, US (map)



The State Land Board is meeting once again over the fate of the ELLIOTT STATE FOREST. This 82,000 acres of coastal temperate rainforest is home to 10 endangered species and over 70 species of concern. It contains some of the last remnants of Oregon's old growth. This precious resource is OWNED BY THE PEOPLE OF OREGON and WE DO NOT WANT TO SELL IT! The land board members need to be aware that Oregonians want to keep the forest public. Plan a trip to Salem on May 9th to send that message loud and clear.

We will gather in front of the Department of State Lands at 9:00 am with signs and green apparel to show our support for the forest. Sign ups for public testimony, if allowed, will happen between 9 am and 10 am. The Land Board Meeting starts at 10 am. Carpool, bring friends and family. This is being referred to as "Oregon Old Growth's Last Stand" and WE NEED TO PACK THE HOUSE!