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Protect Our Columbia River ~ Save Our Salmon!

110 Columbia St, Vancouver
110 Columbia Street
Vancouver, WA 98660, US (map)



Big River Nations & Allies United! Please come out and Join Us!

CALL FOR ACTION! Our Nch'í Waná (Big River, Columbia River) needs our prayers and unity. We must protect our First Medicine Chúush (water) and our Way of Life.

Our River People have relied on the salmon that have migrated through Nch'í Waná for thousands of years, but, on October 26th, a second spill of toxic waste poisoned the Columbia River with a total of 500,000 gallons of human feces, urine and toxic chemicals. Vancouver's Westside Waste Water Treatment Facility must be held accountable for these spills.

Our water and salmon continue to also be harmed by NUCLEAR waste, COAL exports, OIL spills, pipelines, fossil fuels, fracked gas, and dams. Our water and salmon have suffered enough!

Join us for a united stand to demand more then a fine, which is a mere slap on the hand! WE must speak for the ones that can not speak for themselves - mother earth, water, salmon, bears, eagles, earth crawlers, plants, trees, and the next 7 generations. No more silence, silence is compliance - we must STOP IT NOW!