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Resist Hate. Protest the Debate!

Lewis & Clark College
0615 SW Palatine Hill Road
Portland, OR 97219, US (map)



Jessica Vaughan from the hate group Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) has been invited by the Lewis & Clark College International Symposium student group to speak at a campus debate on Tuesday. While other events in this series are open to the public, this specific talk has been closed off to exclusive invitees. In exchange for using this platform to spread her hateful rhetoric, Vaughan is likely receiving a large stipend from a school that receives federal funding.

Title IX assures everyone that they will have equal access to education. However, how can someone feel they have equal access if someone from a hate group has been invited to demonize them. For those who are from marginalized groups, knowing that hate has been welcomed into your community can be devastating. However, knowing that your community stood up against hate and for the value of immigrants lives can be incredibly empowering.

While we would prefer that Vaughan be disinvited for her hate speech and her pay be donated to immigrants right groups, until that occurs we are calling for the community to peacefully protest outside of the event. Hate has no place in our community. We will gather in front of the Templeton Building

Additional background info:

The CIS was founded in 1985 by John Tanton, who is the father of the modern nativist movement. Tanton also founded Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), a far-right xenophobic organization that spews hate about immigrants. The SPLC writes, “In recent years, CIS has routinely disseminated the works of white nationalist writers, including Jared Taylor of American Renaissance. Taylor has written that ‘[w]hen blacks are left entirely to their own devices, Western civilization – any kind of civilization – disappears.’”

The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) has put CIS on its list of hate groups for its frequent dissemination of articles by racist white-nationalists and its own racist anti-Latino reports. Vaughan is the CIS policy director and a propagandist who spreads fake news that paints immigrants and refugees as dangerous criminals and terrorists.