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Know Thyself: Exploring the Personal Dimensions of Peacemaking

New Thought Center for Spiritual Living
1040 C Avenue
Lake Oswego, OR 97034, US (map)



An afternoon workshop facilitated by Manuel Padilla, an adjunct professor at Marylhurst, and Amy Watts-Padilla.

As a culture, when we are confronted with the realities of injustice in our communities, and in our world, we are immediately compelled to ask ourselves “what can I do?” Yet, perhaps we need to take a step back and, first, ask ourselves “who am I?” It is not often considered how our personal qualities, our wounds, and the edges of our capacities impact the dynamics of any action for social justice we may take.

This workshop wishes to explore, with its participants, our personal need for reconciliation, with ourselves and others, as well as what qualities make an effective peacemaker and where we need to grow in order to take the most grounded action for social change.

The themes of reconciliation, (recreating right relationship), and peacemaking fit well with the New Thought and the Science of Mind belief in the inseparable oneness of all of life and creation and the call to make the world a better place. This workshop promotes self reflection to support improvement in consciousness as well as exercises to explore one's ever-evolving skills and qualities to align with God's energy for peace building and fulfill our personal responsibility to act for social change.

Workshop fee is $35.