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The Murder of Fred Hampton film screening

Leaven Community
5431 NE 20th Avenue
Portland, OR 97211, US (map)



Join Portland Comittee for Human Rights in the Philippines (PCHRP), Portland Assembly, and the All African People's Revolutionary Party (AAPRP) Oregon for a community screening of "The Murder of Fred Hampton".

This screening will be followed by a speaker panel. Speakers will include Nikki De Leon of PCHRP, a member of the AAPRP Oregon, and local Black Panther Party elder, Kent Ford.

"Fred Hampton was the leader of the Illinois Chapter of the Black Panther Party. This film depicts his brutal murder by the Chicago police and its subsequent investigation, but also documents his activities in organizing the Chapter, his public speeches, and the programs he founded for children during the last eighteen months of his life" (-IMDb.com)

Themes discussed after the film will include imperialism, counterinsurgency tactics, education, and coalition building.

Please email stephanieroselaine@gmail.com with questions regarding accessibility of this event or other general questions. More details to come.

Let's watch, listen, and build together!