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Fight for $15 at PSU - panel and discussion

PSU Shattuck Hall
1914 Southwest Park Avenue
Portland, OR 97201, US (map)



Tues. Apr. 11, 7 - 9 pm, Shattuck Annex sponsored by Radical Education, PSU PANEL, discussion, food

DEMAND that the PSU Board of Trustees increase the minimum wage for all PSU campus workers to $15 per hour. VOTE YES ! for $15 in Student Elections (Spring term).

Background: Social and economic inequalities in the US have grown to reach epic proportions. While the top 1% continues to increase their income, the overwhelming majority of working people often struggle just to make it through the month. $15 NOW PSU demands dignity, social and economic justice for all campus workers, and the movement for a minimum wage of $15/hour is a crucial step toward solving these enormous problems.

Here in Oregon, 68% of college students graduate with student loan debt, with an average debt of $25,497. While many students work to fund their education, higher wages are necessary to avoid drowning in debt post-graduation. As it currently stands, the wages PSU pays to workers leads many to instead struggle with food insecurity and even homelessness. At PSU, many student and non-student campus workers also have families to support. With the current poverty wages paid to these workers, many can no longer afford to live in the city of Portland, and spend hours commuting to and from campus.

While student and non-student campus workers struggle, earning an average of $10/hour, dozens of top administrators at PSU, including the president, make six-figure salaries. Recently, $100 million has been set aside for buildings, but only $3.5 million is needed to pay a $15 minimum wage to all campus workers.

In order for PSU to “serve the city”, there must be justice for campus workers. Vote YES!, and let the Board of Trustees know that PSU students want a $15 minimum wage for ALL campus workers.