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Action Alert: Pdx Renters Need RELO Permanent & Stronger!

Portland City Hall, 1221 SW 4th
1221 SW 4th Ave
Portland, OR 97204, USA (map)



On Wednesday, October 4th, City Council will be discussing the fate of Portland's HISTORIC Relocation Assistance ordiance. Even though it has saved thousands of people from becoming homless or bankrupt tyring to stay housed, RELO IS SET TO EXPIRE ON OCTOBER 7th!

City Council promised to make it permanent and consider changes to make it stronger and better after the legislature failed to take action for renters this year. But instead of giving renters peace of mind of a permanent policy, they plan to kick the can down the road for another 6 months.

Portland Tenants United successfully demanded Relocation Assistance as part of our campaign to #KeepPDXHoused. And while we're proud of Commissioner Eudaly's leadership on the issue, the rent is still too high, and tenants are still being price-gouged out of their housing with with 9.9% rent increases by landlords avoiding the 10% threshold for paying relocation.

Meanwhile, City Council thinks that tenants whose landlords own only one rental unit (which is very hard to verify) shouldn't have any protections from massive rent increases and no-cause evictions!

If you want to protect this historic and important ordinance, and build momentum to see it spread across the metro region and state, then we need to see you at city hall on Wednedsay!

If you'd be priced out by a 9.9% rent increase or have been victimized by a "small landlord", or if you are living outside Portland and know that your lawmakers won't lift a finger until they see leadership from Portland, then TESTIFY!

No matter what, call city council to end the exemptions so that ALL renters in Portland are protected by relocation.

Portland Tenants United
Nonprofit Organization · Portland, Oregon
Portland Tenants United is a growing tenants union dedicated to organizing tenants to take action to strengthen and enforce tenants rights and protections.