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Bystander Intervention Communities of Color Unite

Artists Repertory Theatre, 1515 SW Morrison
1515 SW Morrison Street
Portland, OR 97205, US (map)



This bystanders intervention workshop will feature a special presentation from Donna Maxey of Race Talks

This Summer #DontShootPDX kicked off this hosted series of community focused bystander intervention conversations and direct engagement platforms. This months outreach is to Communities of Color and those of Black American Ancestry. All are welcome though these voices are the ones being centered in this space due to the specific context and necessary experience based subject matter.

There's a history of Misogynoir in America against the Black Woman and it has crippled our black and brown communities. Americas racist history and political struggles to hold us in bondage has developed roots in American Democracy. In today's current events America is becoming known for our political social terrorism. The struggles are real and being silent is complicity. Elders have knowledge to build gaps in understanding and intergenerational solidarity needs a renewal and revival of engagement due to the racist violence happening in Oregon and across the nation. Let's come together in this series which will continue every month at #ART

Each month Bystander Intervention Dialogues and community building panels will inspire and encourage innovative and direct action for those seeking outreach strategies and solutions to ending racial terror and violence. Building Community Matters!

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