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Capitalism in Crisis and the Socialist Alternative

PSU Smith Center, 1825 SW Broadway
1825 SW Broadway
Portland, OR 97201, US (map)



(Room TBA here)

  • Historic floods and hurricanes fueled by climate change.
  • Nuclear warmongering with North Korea.
  • Brutal attacks on immigrants.
  • Skyrocketing student debt and stagnating wages.
  • Far-right forces marching in the streets with torches.

This is the reality of capitalism in the 21st century.

Join Socialist Students and Socialist Alternative for a panel discussion on October 5th for building the movement against Trump, the far right and capitalism itself as we prepare for a National Day of Action on November 16th.

Socialist Students is a nationwide student movement that stands in solidarity with Sindicato de Estudiantes in Spain and Socialist Students in the UK.

The initiative to launch Socialist Students came from Socialist Alternative, the political party responsible for electing Seattle’s socialist council member Kshama Sawant and raising Seattle’s minimum wage to $15/hr.

Please join us and help put the movement against Trump on the offensive as we demand:

  • No racist deportations, end racist policing!
  • Medicare for all, free reproductive care!
  • Free public college, cancellation of all student debt!

Portland Socialist Students
Socialist Students is an organization of young people building a fightback against the billionaire class.

Socialist Alternative Portland
Political Organization · Portland, Oregon
We are fighting for an alternative to global capitalism - the root cause of the economic crisis, poverty, discrimination, war, & environmental destruction.