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Call: Día de Muertx

UNA Gallery
328 NW Broadway #117
Portland, OR 97209, US (map)



November is Día de Muertx at UNA Gallery and this is a call for different forms of participation!

The project involves a gallery-sized installation of three main Altares de Muertx:

Nuestrx Muertx: for our friends and family who've passed

The Fallen: for the victims of police brutality, hate crimes, war and social injustice.

Artists: for the artists and creatives before us

The opening event on November 2nd will also involve performance, music, poetry and dinner.

This is a call for participation to bring this event to fruition: artists, performers, poets, crafters, organizers, coordinators and friends! All folks of color are welcome to be involved, support and participate in many different ways!

Follow this link for the Submission Form and select the way in which you'd like to be involved: https://goo.gl/forms/WHLwvRiss3hGR4Qg2

DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSIONS IS OCTOBER 2nd. Following the selection of participants, we will schedule a meeting to coordinate the group of selected artists & organizers!

PLEASE NOTE: All people of color are invited to participate. However, we beg that you be mindful If you wish to participate but have no personal relationship to Día de Muertx. Do your research before showing up and spare us having to deal with any offensive / problematic / colonialist / appropriating elements of folks' involvement.