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Pochas Radicales: Establishing & Sustaining Healthy Boundaries as Artists

7320 Northeast Sandy Boulevard
Portland, OR 97213, US (map)



Join home school at S1 for a workshop on healthy boundaries con las Pochas Radicales! As always this event will be free and open to the public, livestreamed online for remote viewers. Snacks and refreshments will be available. Please note the maximum capacity for this workshop is 40 participants.

In the Pochas' own words:

"For our last happening of the year, we are holding space for folks that are interested in creating, establishing and sustaining healthy relationships as artists with a focus on boundaries. As creatives, we are simultaneously navigating relations with collaborators, galleries, institutions, communities & social media among others. Sometimes these relationships can be difficult when we consider the identities and experiences we hold, especially if we come from a marginalized community.

How do I know when I am tapped out? Do I feel comfortable saying no? Do my relationships overlap? Does this relationship need to change or be let go? The workshop is open to all genders & identities but will focus on the experiences of BIPOC artists as intersectionality greatly informs how bodies & labor are perceived. Our intention is for folks to leave feeling self aware about their needs & capacity, confident and empowered to move forward in their relationships in a way that honors their relationship to Self.

Outside of the collective Blanca teaches an anti-oppression healthy relationships curriculum to Latinx youth with the goal of preventing gender-based violence. She uses a popular education model and seeks to create an environment that is both trauma informed and reflective of the community she is engaging with.

First hour: Discussion & Knowledge Share
Second hour: Written & Visual Art Activity

*This will also be Blanca’s last engagement with Pochas Radicales for quite some time as she is honoring herself by listening to her heart. She will be moving back to her first home at the beginning of 2018."

Pochas Radicales is an ongoing project founded during an undergraduate experience at Portland State University. The lack of support and space for queer latinas/chicanas/pochas in academia and community pushed members to create an environment in which to discuss the experience of such an identity in the Pacific Northwest. As a queer Latinx art collective, Pochas Radicales work toward community engagement through art & activism.