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NE PDX Neighborhood Emergency Teams Charity Day & Unprepared Screening

The Oregon Public House, 700 NE Dekum
700 NE Dekum Street
Portland, OR 97211, US (map)



The Portand Neighborhood Emergency Teams wil be one of the Oregon Public House Charity Partners from February - June 15, 2018. The NET program for all of Portland stands to raise as much as $8,000 - $10,000 during that time.

There are also benefits for each neighbor NET, no matter where your NET is located in Portland. NETs may raise funds for themselves on Monday nights (even before February) by hosting a Charity Day event. The entire OPH building is yours to use, including the large 300-seat ballroom upstairs. Kids are welcome, and a play area is available.

The event on Monday, September 18 is your chance to see how your NET (or other NPO) can conduct its own event. Ideas include game nights, pub trivia quizzes (equipment and supplies available from the Piedmont NET), raffles, drawings, distribution of information and supplies. You name it!

Proceeds from this event will go to the Piedmont, Boise-Humboldt-Eliot, and Concordia-Woodlawn-Vernon NETs. Come join us for fun, food, and libations! If you want to sign up as a volunteer greeter to tell the uniformed about the NETs, use the SignUpGenius page here: http://bit.ly/OPH-sign-up

All day Sep. 18 will be a Charity Day for N/NE Portland NET teams Boise/Eliot/Humboldt, Piedmont, and Concordia/Woodlawn/Vernon. Come by anytime, get a beer and chat with a NET or PBEM employee about preparedness!

5:30 PM: Showing of OPB's award-winning documentary "Unprepared" in the ballroom upstairs. Announcement immediately following about how non-NETs can participate in the Oct 16 NET deployment exercise.

7 PM: Raffle for two Motorola FRS radios (retail value: $83). For each $10 increment a person spends on food and beverages, she/he will be given 1 raffle ticket (e.g. $40 in purchases = 4 tickets).