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The Disneyification of our Cities: a run rip city reading group

Social Justice Action Center, 400 SE 12th
400 SE 12th Ave
Portland, Oregon 97214, United States (map)

Access Notes

The SJAC event/meeting space is about 500 sq ft, has hardwood floors, high ceilings, and windows on two sides. The room is equipped with cafe tables and chairs.



Last month, we discussed Foucaultian concepts of space and particularly in urban centers. This month, we discuss more tangibly how that occurs: Urban Planning – more specifically, the contemporary trend that any municipalist or local activist should have a confident understanding of : New Urbanism. This reading group will uplift and develop how we understand the city as connected to these world systems and the domineering forces of global capital, even down the Biketown "Disneyification" of our streets and greenwashing Eco-CapitalistUtopian vision that developers peddle for our city of Portland.

The Run Rip City is a reading group designed to analyze how space is shaped, and in turn, shapes us. To understand how the city is controlled by the forces of globalization and urban planning; institutionally controlled by the military and the bank. And a syllabus that leaves ample time to discuss where we go from here – The Right to the City, Portland’s very own history of neighborhood organizing, and the theory behind the burgeoning worldwide interest in Municipalism. We meet monthly at the social justice action center, organized under Demand Utopia and supported in part by various Portland Assembly neighborhood action councils.

Reading is here: http://bit.ly/fuckbiketown Full syllabus is here: http://bit.ly/runripcity

Join us afterwards for beers + corn dogs at the nearby Hungry Tiger