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Equity Matters: A Welcoming Gathering for Justice

Holladay City Park, 1100 NE Holladay
1100 NE Holladay Street
Portland, OR 97232, US (map)



Government jurisdictions in the Portland Metropolitan area are organizing the “Equity Matters Community Gathering” on September 17, 2017 as part of the national Welcoming Week activities, sponsored by Welcoming America. The gathering is an opportunity for neighbors, business, cultural, arts, and civic leaders to come together and recognize our communities’ shared values of equity, inclusion, and sanctuary.

In the wake of increasing anti-immigrant hostility and growing white supremacist aggression, the City of Portland’s Office of Equity and Human Rights; Multnomah County’s Office of Diversity and Equity; Metro’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Program; and other government agencies are reaffirming their jurisdictions’ commitment to equity and human rights.

Now, more than ever, we must confront the systems and policies that drive inequity and inflict daily violence and harm on our residents. To steer this country toward a truly inclusive and just democracy, we must clearly recognize the abhorrence of white supremacy and the essential task of dismantling centuries of structural racism and discrimination.

As stated in their August 16, 2017 message, local elected leaders are committed to building communities that, “shun hate, offer equitable opportunity and see our differences as cause for celebration, not division.”

Portland Office of Equity and Human Rights - Providing education and technical support to City staff and elected officials, leading to recognition and removal of systemic barriers to fair and just distribution of resources, access, and opportunity, starting with issues of race and disability.