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Opening of Sucix: kiki nicole and Carla Javier Brea

UNA Gallery
328 NW Broadway #117
Portland, OR 97209, US (map)



cvllejerx and UNA Gallery are proud to present SUCIX, an exhibition featuring the work of kiki nicole and Carla Javier-Brea.

kiki nicole, a yung negro artist currently based in the Pacific Northwest by way of the DMV. they make blk art that werqs to ungender, unbody, & renew. their work has been published throughout the internet & has been performed irl mostly on the West Coast. they are a Pink Door Fellow and a member of the Spring 2017 Queer Emerging Artist Residency cohort at Destiny Arts Center. http://www.kikinicole.com/

Carla Javier-Brea's: My mother would insist in calling me “Rialenga”, a wild child, a stray dog. To her, I was one of those that never grew any roots. I was raised traveling and exploring, and encountering all sorts of rituals, narratives, prominent superstitions, and customs in the Dominican Republic. My work is an exploration of my own sense of self and how my multi cultural background, family mythology, traditions, and superstitions have been well preserved in the rural fields that had been overlooked by time. I explore and dissect all these stories, dreams, and legends through etching to create surreal imagery. I also incorporate other print techniques fused with significant childhood and family customs like embroidery, watercolor, traditional beading and sculpture to create shrines to these chronicles. https://www.instagram.com/rialenga/

This exhibition will be up for the month of September, please be on the look up for events throughout the exhibition including a closing reception, more details soon.

This is our second event as part of our Precipice Fund Grant*

CVLLEJERX is the product of our multicultural inbetweenness as second generation immigrants and the violent colonization and subsequent diaspora of colombia, mexico, and africa, which informs our mestizx and black experiences in america. CVLLEJERX was born in the whitest city in america, portland, that has deep-seated white supremacist roots. with this and other historical and contemporary circumstances in mind, it is urgent for us to reclaim space in this city. we merge fashion, performance, and poetry as a form of resistance. through the engagement of voice, clothing, and physical movement, we are reclaiming authorship. Choosing what we wear, what we say, and how we move, we are amplifying ourselves with tools accessible to us. https://www.cvllejerx.com/