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Rally in Solidarity For Charlottesville, VA!

Plaza del Sol, Rockwood
SE 185th at SE Stark
Portland, OR 97233, US (map)



It's OUR turn Gresham: To stand in solidarity with the Charlottesville, VA community that experienced a series of attacks against the people of Charlottesville and many Anti-Racist organizations that opposed the Alt-Right coming into their city. Many people were seriously injured from attacks carried out by White Nationalists. On the 2nd day of the counter-protests after the first day was met with sheer violence provoked by the Alt-Right. When counter-protesters were marching a Dodge car barrles down at 80MPH mowing down dozens of people marching and confirmed somebody had died from the result of that incident. Many others were left bleeding in the streets and some had concussions. The driver was confirmed to be a known Neo-Nazi.

This is all too familiar sounding; Gresham has experienced an attack by the 188th Ave 7/11 store last year on the same month. Larnell Bruce was killed by a Neo-Nazi couple from the European Kindred prison-gang. He was run over in the 7/11 parking-lot and died as the result of his injuries. White Nationalists are now more empowered than ever to go around injuring and killing people that oppose their sick and inhumane ideology. We are seeing more and more violent attacks against people who want to defend their communities from White Nationalists that are organizing to terrorize our community and kill us.

Let's show the people of Charlottesville some love and that we are standing in solidarity with them while sending a message to Fascists that they are not welcome in our communities. We will remember Larnell Bruce & Heather who were both run over by Neo-Nazis and died because of it. If we do not actively take action and oppose white nationalists we are leaving our community vulnerable to being harmed by people that want all of us dead. It's important that we come together and protect one & another!

  • We will rally at Plaza Del Sol in Gresham, OR off of 187th Ave & SE Stark St. Just a block away from when Larnell Bruce was murdered. After the rally then we'll march afterwards! Cover your face.. It's highly recommended to protect your identity from Neo-Nazis, White Supremacists, and Fascists. Perferably, wear all black too! Mourn the dead -- but also fight like hell for the living!

  • Note: We may.. have a couple speakers, but we will update the event page for these details as we figure it out. Don't forget to bring signs, chalk, and flags!

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