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Stand Up For Equality

Esther Short Park, Vancouver
301 N 8th Street
Vancouver, WA 98660, US (map)



Please join We the People of Vancouver, Washington in a peaceful demonstration of LOVE, PEACE, HOPE, and UNITY! We want to make a bold show of #NoHateInOurState, and want you to join us if you too want to spread love of all people.

We invite and welcome black, white, and people of all nations, gay, straight, people of faiths and without, first generation immigrant, first nations, and people all genders and languages to come together and join hands, sign and sing songs of love and harmony, and hold simple signs of #UnityInOurCommunity.


  • No hate allowed! Have big hearts and warm smiles for all.
  • Bring any flowers, even wildflowers, and offer them instead of anger to any protesters.
  • Create POSITIVE signs you make yourself, ones with simple messages in BIG letters are easiest for passersby to see. Feel free to make more to share!
  • Stay safe! Bring plenty of fluids to drink, comfortable shoes and clothing, hat and sunglasses, and sunblock.
  • Have your cell phone so you can share live feeds and photos on Facebook and spread the JOY of living without hate.

Please do share this message and invite others!

The exact location may change so stay tuned for updates!

Original Location: Vancouver Waterfront Park 200 SE COLUMBIA Way, Vancouver, Washington 98660 Location 8/17: Esther Short Park