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Stop Police Brutality: Am I Next?

Terry Schrunk Plaza, 1200 SW 3rd
1200 SW 3rd
Portland, OR 97204, US (map)



A little introduction about me and my work. I'm a survivor of police brutality more than few times. I moved to Portland in 2010. I have lived in many major cities but its my first time in my life I feel at home, right here in Portland. 2012 was when my world was shot in hell from police I decided to sue the city of Portland. 2013, I won a settlement with a new policy I asked the city to sign. A policy focusing on proper procedures for police when interacting with deaf civilians in case of a crime (accused of a crime, victim of a crime or a witness of a crime). Because of the lawsuit, I decided to give up my 20 years career as makeup artist/hair stylist and pursue in politics. 2013, I became a commissioner for Portland Commission on Disability.

Last year, I pushed for a bill to be passed and it passed! Captions are now required to be turned on all the times in all public places in Portland! https://www.google.com/amp/www.kgw.com/amp/news/local/portland-now-requires-closed-captioning-on-all-tvs-in-bars-restaurants/5735241

Are you fucking kidding me? What a waste of time! What happens if a public place has tv on without captions? Fuck off PETTY TYRANT or do something USEFUL.

2017, I continue my second term with PCOD. I was recently appointed to be a liaison with our mayor on police and public safety.

2014, I got on board with Community Oversight Advisory Board and committees in Data System, Use of Force, Compliance and Accountability. We made 100 recommendations on policies. Sadly COAB expired last January according to the settlement. Ted Wheeler did not support COAB to continue after several pleas. My passion on police reform grew stronger.

Last January, I signed a 6 month contract with Department of Public Safety Standard Training. It was a great opportunity to educate new officers on interactions when communication barrier happens.

Now, I strive to do more. I want to push for change. I decided to try for city council in 2018.

For this event I'm hosting, I am representing myself as Philip, as a concerned citizen.

This is a peace protest event in recognizing our epidemic in America, especially here in Portland, Oregon where American civilians were/are being killed by the US Police. Not only that police brutality is increasing but police is not being held accountable. Yes, there ARE good cops, however, they STILL are under the representation of an oppressive system, so until that changes, the saying still remains today. We also must ask every police to recognize that racism run very deep in the police force. We ask every police to recognize that racism contributes to the killings.

I invite everybody to come and take a few minutes to hear/see/feel us out. There will be few other leaders who wish to say a few words as well. We will take the time to ask for a moment in silence while we name the names of civilians who were killed in cold blood by the police. Victims shall not be gone in vain. They shall be remembered.

After 7pm ish, we will lead the march around the SW area in downtown from Terry D Schrunk plaza and arrive back to Terry D Schrunk plaza which will be less than a mile. Details of exact streets where we will be marching will be announced at the Terry D. Schrunk Plaza.

This such visibility is needed to be made for all of us to be aware, especially every police department across the US. We are not here to ridicule but address the long ongoing issue of police brutality. We demand the police brutality to end. We demand change. We must work together so we can heal and be safe in our city. With this visibility, I strongly encourage every city in the US to do the same thing we are doing.

While we do realize this event is very sensitive. Emotions will be running high. We beg all of you to respect the property. Respect each other. Please do not resort to violence. Yes, we are angry together and yes, we can express our anger together in the most diplomatic way possible. We beg all of you to march in peace. We beg the police to allow us to do this so we can heal.

We beg you to please do not carry any weapons. We encourage you to carry signs without pickets or any sticks that could be used as weapons. Please feel free to express however you see fit. Examples: #Philando Castile. Stop police brutality. Am I next? Stuff like that. We ask all of you to wear black/red/grey clothing to show we are all together in this. Please feel free to bring candles and lit up as we take a moment in silence while we name the names of civilians who were killed by the police. No fireworks please.

Please feel free to share this event to your friends/family/colleagues/co-workers/lovers.... well, everybody! Your support in my event is greatly appreciated more than I can express. See you all there! And finally, the event is ASL interpreted!!

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