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Testify! Portland Police Dept/Department of Justice Settlement Agreement Amendments Hearing

Portland City Hall, 1221 SW 4th
1221 SW 4th Ave
Portland, OR 97204, USA (map)



The US Department of Justice last year declared the City of Portland, OR is out of compliance with plea deal provisions to reform illegal use of force in policing. Specifically with regard to community engagement, but other planned fixes have been retarded. The City then sued the Court to keep it from judicial review.

Item 872, for vote Thursday, proposes amending the Feds’ 2012 Settlement Agreement. It will swap out broad-based community oversight for a small band of the Mayor’s political appointees. A proposed Portland Commission on Community-Engaged Policing (PCCEP) will determine when “a public meeting will further its mission.”

PDX NAACP calls for your participation. Oppose the Mayor’s plan to stymie informed consent of the governed, with regard to police killing. Call or email City Council and the DoJ Civil Rights Division. (below)

The 2012 plea deal is the law of the land. A Community Oversight Advisory Board (COAB) was authorized to “independently assess the implementation of this Agreement.” Five of the 15 voting representatives were seated with community involvement. To bring out another backroom deal, Mayor Wheeler let their terms lapse; Commissioners never filled seats that the LAST batch of political pawns walked away from. Council – instead of empowering COAB with appropriate funding and support staff for self-directed mission – never entertained a single one of their dozens of recommendations.

Under the current plea deal, a Compliance Officer was to give COAB thirty days to “informally comment on his report on recommendations regarding necessary steps to achieve compliance.” The Officer “shall also hold open town hall meetings on a quarterly basis where he/she will ... receive public comment on his/her assessments of compliance and recommendations.”

The Mayor proposes, rather than abide by law, to continue circumventing public process. As with bargaining in secret for a deficient police union contract, or choosing a new Chief to preside over our justice-evading police bureau.

Town Halls, which would have been opportunity to hear from police scientists about best practices nationally, are now envisioned to be downloads for perpetrators of illegal use of force. (Only one of the eight, mandated Town Halls was ever held: the Police Bureau justified itself before COAB appointments were seated.) Community ‘input’ will disappear into PCCEP, never to surface as community-inspired demands. It is un-American to dismantle checks and balances; it’s ongoing criminal enterprise to do so while The People seek to dismantle local law enforcement’s self-exoneration system.

ACTION ITEM #1 Register your objections to an amended Settlement Agreement. (Copy the City Clerk on emails.) Find out where Commissioners stand.

ACTION ITEM #2 Share this as widely as possible with your networks.

ACTION ITEM #3 Come to the City Council meeting on 3 August. Sign up to testify. You’ll be given 3 minutes at most, less if Council fills the time. “It is a good idea to plan your remarks ahead of time to ensure you convey your key message in the time allowed.” Says PDX NAACP.

PCCEP is subterfuge. It is not oversight. Let the Mayor create his band of insiders: it should not replace a public body, where justice advocates can transparently press the community’s reform agenda. Let PCCEP send the Mayor suggestions he wants to hear.

It was precisely because the City refused to police itself that this plea deal was set in place. It is time to END historical "patterns and practices."

Find Agenda Item 872 & 4 supporting documents here: https://www.portlandoregon.gov/auditor/26997

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