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Direct Action Training for Groups



Our capacity to resist is directly correlated to our capacity to self-organize on a massive scale. We invite you to join us for a training for groups of people who want to develop their ability to take powerful strategic collective action.

This training will introduce basic non-violent direct action strategies and tactics to groups who are completely new to organizing, and will provide next steps and development to groups who have been working together for a while. We will also review pertinent legal information address how you and your group can keep each other safe while challenging those in power.

So grab your friends, family, neighbors, activist group, church group, study group, or any group you have affinity with and sign up together!

We ask that you show up in a group; a group does not need to be any kind of formal organization, although it totally CAN be people those people. We ask that groups be made up of at least 3 people, and encourage much larger groups to attend as well. If your group doesn’t already have a name, now’s your chance to think of something awesome to call yourselves. We also ask that regardless of its size, at least 3 people from your group attend the training. There will be a lot of information given and you might have to split up at all points to absorb it all.

We will be posting more inforamtion soon regarding the agenda for the day, as well as information regarding the space.

Please RSVP: https://actionnetwork.org/events/direct-action-training-for-groups-april-8