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Her Own Wings: Group Show

Land Gallery
3925 North Mississippi Avenue
Portland, OR 97227, US (map)



A great group show featuring femme representations of Portland, by female-identified local artists.

In 1985, the City of Portland commissioned the statue of Portlandia, based on the figure in our city seal. However, they also allowed the artist to retain sole image rights, forfeiting the opportunity to brand Portland with a strong female figure. So we're going to try again.


  • Nishat Akhtar
  • Cate Andrews
  • Lisa Congdon
  • Marlowe Dobbe
  • Aimee Flom
  • Sarah Hayes
  • Meg Hunt
  • Jax Ko
  • Elsa Lang
  • Molly Mendoza
  • Nyssa Oru
  • Lena Podesta
  • Chelsea Stephen
  • Adrienne Vita
  • Maggie Wauklyn
  • Subin Yang