About us


Pdxactivist.org is a collaborative community calendar we have created to move information about activism and resistance in Portland out of corporate silos like Facebook. This is a place to share protests, assemblies, direct actions, and other events that are open to public participation.

This site is built using Calagator, an open source project founded in 2008 by members of Portland's technology community.


The organizers of this project include Audrey Eschright (@ameschright), Sam Scott (@duckasaurusss), and Jacob Helwig (@jhelwig).

Getting started

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  • Search for events at the top of each page.

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Share local events

  • Add an event by entering its details.
  • Import event(s) by entering a URL to a feed or webpage, or via a bookmarklet.
  • Improve content by editing events and venues.

Get involved

Anyone can contribute! If you share our goals of making Portland better through active resistence to oppression, we'd love to have your help.

Please add events you know about to the calendar. We've made it easy to bring info over from Facebook and Meetup: all you have to do is grab the link to the event page and paste it in on our import page.

Help garden the calendar

Anyone can edit an event to add details or correct something that's changed. Put [POSTPONED] or [CANCELLED] in the event title to reflect those statuses. You'll find the edit link in the sidebar to the right of the event details.

We also need your help to keep an eye out for spam or inappropriate content. If you're not sure whether to make a change to the event (or anything else goes wrong on the site) you can make a report (click "New Issue") or contact an organizer on Twitter.