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Oct 7, 2017
Portland Democratic Socialists of America Socialism Study Working Group Meeting
Social Justice Action Center, 400 SE 12th

Building upon the last meeting, we will be continuing work on the priorities discussed in the last meeting.

Tentative agenda:

  • Final (for now) review of the Community Agreements/Guidelines
  • Next steps for Socialism Intro class
  • Next steps for Robert's Rules workshop
  • Discuss coordinating more study groups (one-off series, etc)

Portland Democratic Socialists of America
Portland DSA is a local chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America, the largest socialist organization in the US. We organize together for economic and social justice in Portland and nation-wide.

Oct 19, 2017
Socialist Feminism 101
Lewis & Clark College

Socialist Feminism: What is it and how do we fight for it? Come discuss these questions and more with Olivia Katbi Smith and Matea Ivanovic from the Feminist Branch of Portland Democratic Socialists of America (DSA). We'll hear about the work of Portland DSA on socialist feminist issues and discuss how we can engage in these fights ourselves.

Pizza will be provided!

This event is being put on by the Lewis & Clark Young Democratic Socialists of America (LC YDSA).

Abortion without Apology - the Socialist Case for Reproductive Justice
PSU Cramer Hall

THE ELECTION of Donald Trump sent shock waves across the country--especially for women.

Trump campaigned on defunding Planned Parent- hood at the federal level as long as they perform abortions, and is now trying to make good on those promises. In April, Trump signed a law giving states the option to deny Title X funding to Planned Parenthood and other health care clinics that provide abortions.

Trump has emboldened Republican politicians to wage state-level legislative attacks on women's reproductive rights and has also given confidence to right-wing activists that target and harass women who use these clinics.

The contradiction we face is that there is a mass desire to resist but without resistance organizations. A key task for feminists today is to learn from this history and build the type of organizations that can pose a lasting challenge to the backlash and those who benefit from its acceleration.

Come and join the Portland State International Socialist Organization in this discussion of the current war on women, the lessons of the history of the struggle for women’s rights and the lessons we can use today.

Oct 26, 2017
Why the Working Class Can Change Society
PSU Fourth Avenue Building

Presentation and discussion on why the working class is at the center of the fight against sexism, racism, all other oppressions and exploitation. Another world is possible when workers stand together! Sponsored by the PSU International Socialist Organization

Nov 7, 2017
The Day Workers Took Power
Facebook Live

Join us for a Facebook livestream and Q+A with Todd Chretien, editor of the new collection, Eyewitnesses to the Russian Revolution, from Haymarket Books. This event is on the evening of November 7th, the day in the modern calendar on which workers, soldiers, and peasants took power in Russia 100 years ago.

The livestream video will be hosted on the Socialist Worker Facebook page.

The speaker will give an historical account of the workers’ insurrection and the institution of the new council or “soviet” government. We will then field questions from viewers through the comment box.

Don’t miss this opportunity to celebrate and analyze one of the greatest accomplishments of the working class in history!

Order your copy of Eyewitnesses to the Russian Revolution:

Jan 20
Launch of International League of People's Struggle - Portland
Terry Schrunk Plaza, SW 3rd and Madison

A new coalition of grassroots organizations is forming in Portland to link progressive struggles locally with others around the world.

The International League of People’s Struggle (ILPS) is a global anti-imperialist alliance with 100s of grassroots organizations in over 50 countries united around progressive causes.

ILPS-PDX will launch as part of a March for Impeachment on January 20th, the anniversary of Trump’s inauguration.

Up until now, Portland Committee for Human Rights in the Philippines (PCHRP) has been the only member of ILPS in town, however it is now rapidly expanding.

Jan 31
A Political Strategy to Defend Immigrant Rights (Socialist Equality Party)
PSU Urban Center, 506 SW Mill

public meeting hosted by PSU International Youth & Students for Social Equality

The new year has opened with a vast escalation of attacks on immigrants. The Trump administration terminated Temporary Protected Status for more than a quarter-million immigrants from El Salvador, apprehended hundreds of undocumented immigrants in mass workplace raids, and is using thousands of undocumented youth enrolled in the DACA program as a bargaining chip for funding to build a wall along the US Southern border with Mexico.

The Democratic Party paved the way for Trump’s mass deportation program during the Obama administration and is now seeking a deal with Trump on a further crackdown. "If the president wants to work with us to make sure we have strong border security," declared Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, "let’s do that.”

Neither the courts nor the Democratic Party can be trusted to protect immigrants. Only the power of the working class—united across race and nationality—can block the drive to destroy the lives of hundreds of thousands of immigrant workers living in the US.

Attend our meeting Wednesday to discuss the defense of immigrant rights based on an internationalist and socialist program.

Read the World Socialist Web Site,

Feb 14
Humanity Teeters on the Brink of World War
PSU Urban Center, 506 SW Mill

Under the cover of the pre-Winter Olympics thaw between North and South Korea and the momentary lull in the “fire and fury” rhetoric from the Trump White House, there are growing signs that the Pentagon and the CIA are pressing ahead with preparations for a preemptive war against North Korea, including the use of nuclear weapons.

The Economist magazine--the 175 years old mouthpiece of British capitalism--devoted its latest issue to discussing "The Next War" and "The Growing Threat of Great Power Conflict." It declared, "Conflict on a scale and intensity not seen since the Second World War is once again plausible." All the major powers are preparing for such a conflict. The United States has deployed nuclear-capable bombers to Guam for a possible war in North Korea, which could quickly develop into a conflict with China. In Syria, the ongoing war for regime change is bringing the US into conflict with Russia. Germany is remilitarizing and once again asserting itself as a European and global power.

In the US, the Democratic Party, just having voted for Trump's gargantuan military budget providing it with $1.4 trillion over the course of the next two years, has centered its opposition to Trump on claims that he is insufficiently aggressive against Russia. The Democrats have emerged as the most ferocious advocates of the military-intelligence apparatus, demanding censorship and militarism. Workers and youth need a new perspective to fight against war and the capitalist system that produces it.

Hosted by Portland State University chapter of the International Youth & Students for Social Equality,

Mar 14
Portland State University, Parsons Gallery, 506 SW Mill Street, 2nd Floor

In West Virginia, over 33,000 teachers and school staff fought courageously for nine days, in defiance of the unions and state politicians. Their determined struggle captured the attention of workers throughout the United States and the world who identified with the fight by teachers for decent wages and an end to soaring health care costs.

Contrary to the proclamations of the unions, however, the deal reached to end the strike is not a victory for teachers. It does nothing to address teachers’ central demand—an end to escalating health care costs that effectively wipe out any pay raises. Moreover, the one-time five percent raise for public workers will be funded by deep cuts to social programs.

From the very beginning, the struggle demonstrated the chasm that separates the working class from the organizations calling themselves unions, which take workers’ dues money and do the bidding of the corporations and the state. What began in West Virginia is now expanding to other parts of the country, amidst a resurgence of class struggle internationally. To prepare for the next stage, it is vital that the essential lessons of the West Virginia strike be reviewed and assimilated.

Apr 18
No to War in Syria
Millar Library, Portland State University, Room 304

The World Socialist Web Site condemns the strikes against Syria carried out Friday night by US, French and British forces. The attack is a flagrant and illegal act of aggression. The administrations of American President Donald Trump, French President Emmanuel Macron and British Prime Minister Theresa May are guilty of a war crime, which poses the danger of triggering a conflict with nuclear-armed Russia.

The joint-strike operation by the US, UK, and France is not only an international war crime, but also marks a new stage in the developing confrontation in the Middle East between the US and Russia.

No war in Syria! No war in the Middle East, East Asia or Africa! The only way to end imperialist aggression and defend democratic rights is through a new mass international anti-war movement in the working class. Given the resurgence in class struggle in the past several months, a single spark could set off a wave of militant opposition. Join the IYSSE and fight to build this movement!!

International Youth and Students for Social Equality, IYSSE.COM