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Jun 22, 2017
Piss Trump by James Kelsey
Lucky Lab Beer Hall on Quimby Street


James Kelsey and his team have been working for 6 months on his current Large Format photography project, PISS TRUMP. We don't see a way to post a picture of the final image so here is the description:

  • A Fat, Naked Trump
  • Crucified on a cross
  • His Hair and long red tie floating upward.
  • They are floating upward because the entire sculpture is immersed in a tank of urine.
  • Beautiful 'god light' surrounds trump in a gloriously offensive final photo!


This is a celebration! This is a chance to LAUGH and not be angry for a change. This is a chance to make fun of our ridiculous PEETUS!

Pee-Colored clothing (yellow / orange) is encouraged! PUN pee-signs and signs poking fun at trump in general are the goal.

Jul 1, 2017
Sharyll Burroughs and Jaleesa Johnston exhibit & Sharyll Burroughs artist talk

hang out and check out the artwork of Sharyll Burroughs and Jaleesa Johnston again, june show closing reception and Sharyll Burroughs will give an artist talk

Nat Turner Project, an uncompromising radical space - filling a void in portland.

Jul 6, 2017
First Thursday: "Yellow Terror"
Oregon Nikkei Legacy Center

Free admission to the Oregon Nikkei Legacy Center on Thursday, July 6, 4-7pm.

"Yellow Terror: The Collections & Paintings of Roger Shimomura" is a powerful exhibition and a rare opportunity to view Roger Shimomura's artwork alongside his extensive collection of memorabilia and objects depicting racial stereotypes of Asians and Asian Americans.

Please visit for more information on the exhibition.

The Oregon Nikkei Legacy Center is committed to the preservation and sharing of the history and culture of the Japanese American community. The Legacy Center is a venue for cultural and research activities and an invaluable resource for the exploration of the experiences of Japanese Americans and their role in Oregon's multicultural community.

YGB: Two Year Retrospective
UNA Gallery

Join us as we celebrate 2 years of the YGB Portland Community.

Featuring photography by MissLopezMedia, RoseLéon, Tojo Fotos and Anthony Taylor, with short films by Sika Stanton and Tiki Mon. As part of our retrospective, all of the digital art created by Alexander Wright for our previous events will be featured as well.

Vibes and music by DJ Lamar LeRoy, and a special live performance by Wes Guy.

Links to the artists

Who is Y.G.B Portland?

Our mission is to create spaces of joy and healing for the Black and Brown community of Portland, Oregon. Our collaborative is Pro-Black, Pro-Femme, Pro-Queer and centers those identities at every event. We believe that liberation will come from art, self-love and community.

View From Here - Political Posters Art Show benefitting the Southern Poverty Law Center
Erickson Gallery

Artists united to create relief- print political posters to benefit the Southern Poverty Law Center. All posters will be for sale for $30.

On display July 6 through July 31,2017

First Thursday Artist Reception at Erickson Gallery 9 NW 2nd Ave Portland OR July 6, 6-8PM

Featuring Relief-Print Political Posters by:

We'll be hosting a second event:

Ink and Drink Meet the Artists at Atelier Meridian 820 N River St. Studio B-1 Portland, OR 97227 July 28, 6-9PM

Miss Anthology Exhibition
through Sequential Art Gallery + Studio, 328 NW Broadway, Apt 113

Come check out our show June 15th and July 6th! We'll have syllabus zines to take home, a DIY mini comic table, artwork from the workshops, and art from our students.

First Thursday Opening: July 6th 6-10pm

Exhibition runs through the end of July.

Miss Anthology is a Portland-Based comic publication and course for female and genderqueer artists and writers ages 13-18.

Jul 14, 2017
White Artists Don't Have to Make Work About Racial Identity
PSU Smith Center, 1825 SW Broadway

White Artists Don't Have to Make Work About Racial Identity | Rakeem Cunningham On display: July 5–28, 2017 Reception: Friday, July 14, 6–8 p.m.

For Los Angeles based artist Rakeem Cunningham, texture has always functioned as a gateway to fantasy. Whether the portal is flowing fabric, animated seamless paper, or free flowing plastic wrap, the dents, crinkles, and crevices of a material’s surface is employed to unmask or cover up self-truths. In 2013, Cunningham came out as a gay man, opening up a whole new world and with it newfound levels of oppression, heartbreak, and discrimination.

This exhibition, entitled “White Artists Don’t Have to Make Work About Racial Identity” navigates the ways in which desire, oppression, humanization, sympathy, self-hate, and emotional apathy are imposed on queer black men through the media, family, romance, and false narratives of hyper-masculinity.


Rakeem Cunningham is a visual artist and videographer based out of Los Angeles, California. Born in 1992, his work explores themes of self-identity, queer politics, identity politics, self-acceptance, and the navigation of body politics under the gay landscape. Cunningham studied Design and Media Arts at UCLA, and frequently collaborates and showcases his work with queer/POC brands and figures such as the LGBT center, Dawn Richard, the FADER, the UCLA new Wight Gallery, Cakeboy Magazine, and the Tenth Zine.

The Littman and White Galleries are student-run exhibition spaces at Portland State University. Our mission is to provide the tools for a critical experience of visual culture through direct exposure to a comprehensive program of contemporary art for students and community members. We envision the Littman and White Galleries as centers for cultural enrichment where an indispensable art experience is accessible to all perspectives and levels of education.

Jul 28, 2017
Her Own Wings: Group Show
Land Gallery

A great group show featuring femme representations of Portland, by female-identified local artists.

In 1985, the City of Portland commissioned the statue of Portlandia, based on the figure in our city seal. However, they also allowed the artist to retain sole image rights, forfeiting the opportunity to brand Portland with a strong female figure. So we're going to try again.


  • Nishat Akhtar
  • Cate Andrews
  • Lisa Congdon
  • Marlowe Dobbe
  • Aimee Flom
  • Sarah Hayes
  • Meg Hunt
  • Jax Ko
  • Elsa Lang
  • Molly Mendoza
  • Nyssa Oru
  • Lena Podesta
  • Chelsea Stephen
  • Adrienne Vita
  • Maggie Wauklyn
  • Subin Yang
Aug 3, 2017
Stolen Angels art exhibition - Opening Reception
Williamson Knight

Williamson | Knight is pleased to present Stolen Angels, a Black Lives Matter exhibit by Don’t Shoot Portland. The show will open on August 3, 2017 and run through August 19, 2017. An opening reception will be held on Thursday, August 3, from 6:00 to 8:00 pm, as part of the Pearl District’s First Thursday. Gallery hours are Thursday through Saturday, 12:00 to 5:00 pm. There will also be an Exhibition Demonstration at Williamson | Knight at 1:00 pm on August 10, the anniversary of the murder of Larnell Bruce who was run over by white supremacists.

Stolen Angels is a space where the families of children murdered by the police and the violence of white supremacy can remember, represent, and depict their family members' memories with love, honor, and positivity. This is a space to facilitate the decriminalization of the bodies and images of their children.

In the media, these stolen lives are portrayed as criminal threats that in turn justify the theft of life, where bodies are systematically dehumanized. Their families are rarely given a public-facing opportunity to visually remember their children in a manner that does not cause further trauma.

Since the first inauguration of former President Barack Obama, our America has shown its true colors. In the era of a Trump administration we must use ART to communicate our humanity. Let us share our history, pain, and courage. #BlackLivesMatter

Don’s Shoot Portland is a Community Action Plan. The organization was founded in 2016 following the exoneration of Black Lives Matter protestor and activist Teressa Raiford. Organizing and promoting solidarity movements in support of Police Accountability uprisings in Florida, Ferguson, Baltimore, NYC, California and several other countless cities. Don’t Shoot Portland has fought for social change in Oregon and has solidified the establishment of a grassroots movement for racial equality, social justice and politcal accountability. The key to our sustainability as a group is Education, the Arts and History we use the three to bridge and build political power.

Williamson | Knight is a collaboration between Iris Williamson and John Knight.

Dont Shoot Portland - In August 2014 we agreed to take political action and organize at Dawson Park to be in solidarity with the growing response from Ferguson, MO #MikeBrown

Aug 8, 2017
Eastside 'Just Us' Stories - East Portland Photo Exhibit
Jade/APANO Multicultural Space -JAMS

We want to explore and document what it's like growing up in Portland and living in East Portland communities, and to capture our families' experiences of displacement and resilience. This project will challenge the notions people have of Portland and of young people of color. We are interested in flipping the narrative and empowering young people of color, as well as creating a safe space in our community to celebrate our diverse identities.

Come and celebrate our hard work on this project! We want to build community with YOU!

Free food. Free admission. Good vibes.

In addition to the photo essay collection, there will be amazing performances by youth and the community!

This event is made possible through the Jade Midway Placemaking Grant!

OPAL Environmental Justice Oregon - OPAL is a community organizing & advocacy organization working with low-income & communities of color to educate, engage & empower.

Sep 5, 2017
First Tuesday! The Frida Project - Group Mural Exhibition
Walters Cultural Arts Center, Hillsboro

Join us for a FREE First Tuesday Reception Treats from Decadent Creations and Live music from Jackie Hicks, Hammered Dulcimer September 5: 5 pm — 6:30 pm - Live music and food Exhibit open until 9 pm

In the spirit of cross-cultural understanding and collaboration between Latin American and Caucasian communities in Hillsboro, the Frida Project brought together a group of Hillsboro artists whose multiple perspectives explore themes of intersecting identities and cultures. Together, these artists have created a collection of mural panels that reflect the powerful legacy of the great Mexican artist Frida Kahlo, and explore possibilities for how her work and ideas might relate to our home here in the Willamette valley.

The Frida Project Group Mural Exhibition Show runs: August 1— September 26 Walters Upstairs & Downstairs Galleries

Sep 7, 2017
Opening of Sucix: kiki nicole and Carla Javier Brea
UNA Gallery

cvllejerx and UNA Gallery are proud to present SUCIX, an exhibition featuring the work of kiki nicole and Carla Javier-Brea.

kiki nicole, a yung negro artist currently based in the Pacific Northwest by way of the DMV. they make blk art that werqs to ungender, unbody, & renew. their work has been published throughout the internet & has been performed irl mostly on the West Coast. they are a Pink Door Fellow and a member of the Spring 2017 Queer Emerging Artist Residency cohort at Destiny Arts Center.

Carla Javier-Brea's: My mother would insist in calling me “Rialenga”, a wild child, a stray dog. To her, I was one of those that never grew any roots. I was raised traveling and exploring, and encountering all sorts of rituals, narratives, prominent superstitions, and customs in the Dominican Republic. My work is an exploration of my own sense of self and how my multi cultural background, family mythology, traditions, and superstitions have been well preserved in the rural fields that had been overlooked by time. I explore and dissect all these stories, dreams, and legends through etching to create surreal imagery. I also incorporate other print techniques fused with significant childhood and family customs like embroidery, watercolor, traditional beading and sculpture to create shrines to these chronicles.

This exhibition will be up for the month of September, please be on the look up for events throughout the exhibition including a closing reception, more details soon.

This is our second event as part of our Precipice Fund Grant*

CVLLEJERX is the product of our multicultural inbetweenness as second generation immigrants and the violent colonization and subsequent diaspora of colombia, mexico, and africa, which informs our mestizx and black experiences in america. CVLLEJERX was born in the whitest city in america, portland, that has deep-seated white supremacist roots. with this and other historical and contemporary circumstances in mind, it is urgent for us to reclaim space in this city. we merge fashion, performance, and poetry as a form of resistance. through the engagement of voice, clothing, and physical movement, we are reclaiming authorship. Choosing what we wear, what we say, and how we move, we are amplifying ourselves with tools accessible to us.

Sep 21, 2017
Outside of the Lines | Miss Anthology
PSU Smith Center, 1825 SW Broadway

Outside of the Lines | Miss Anthology
On display: September 5-28, 2017
Reception: Thurs, Sept. 21, 5-7 p.m.

Outside of the Lines brings together a diverse selection of comic art and literature created by the members and instructors of Miss Anthology Comics. The exhibit highlights the nuanced and multi-faceted investigations of a wide variety of topics including depression, disability, gender, and race through the lens of sequential art.

Miss Anthology's mission is to support racially and economically diverse female and genderqueer youth by teaching professional skills through hands-on workshops, and publishing their work in print and online. By introducing these young artists and writers to the comics and the art industries before they graduate, they will gain a firm understanding and head start on their careers, as well as an established network of peers within this otherwise white, cis male-dominated field.

Miss Anthology consists of:

Jenny Blenk
For the past two years Jenny has worked with series like Hawkeye, Daredevil, and Iron Man to analyze how characters' disabilities have been represented in superhero comics over the course of American history, in coordination with social perception of disability. Jenny graduated from Portland State University in June of 2017 with an MA in English a Certificate in Comics Studies, and is currently preparing several pieces of her academic writing for publication. At the moment she is also working on an autobiographical graphic memoir about queerness, disability, and everyday life with a service animal. She is based in Portland and lives with five houseplants, a typewriter, and a little black rabbit named Bernadette.

Liz Yerby
Liz Yerby is a Portland-based cartoonist whose work explores themes of mental health and being queer, which means they are mostly writing about crying and feeling out of place. Their work has been published in 1001: A Literary Journal and Vision Quest Journal. They help organize the Portland Zine Symposium, and are a proud member of the Sound Grounds Wreckin' Cru, a local comics collective.

Anna Vo
Anna Vo is a Portland-based Vietnamese anarchist, musician, comic artist, comedian, black metal label runner (An Out Recordings), and writer. Their work is aimed at dismantling exploitative manifestations of white supremacy, capitalism and the heteronormative patriarchy.

Melanie Stevens
Melanie Stevens is an artist, illustrator and writer. She received her BA in Political Science from Yale University and her MFA in Visual Studies at Pacific Northwest College of Art. She enjoys ice cream, terrible reality television programming, and challenging societal norms and belief systems with visual and literary narratives. She also believes that no one is free until we all get free.

Emily Lewis
Emily Lewis is an illustrator from Coldspring, TX. Her work explores psychological trauma and learning disorders through sci-fi and fantasy narratives. She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Fibers and Textiles from Texas State University and her Master of Fine Arts in Contemporary Art Practice:Studio Practice from Portland State University. Lewis has published her illustrations and comics in zine collectives, history books, graphic novels, and is currently working on a mini-comic series titled Nebulous. She has exhibited her work in galleries and academic institutions nationally and has been awarded residencies in Texas and Oregon. Emily is a Co-Founder, designer, editor, and administrator of Miss Anthology. She lives in Portland, OR with her husband, cat, and dog.

The Littman Gallery and White Gallery are student-run exhibition spaces at Portland State University. Our mission is to provide the tools for a critical experience of visual culture through direct exposure to a comprehensive program of contemporary art for students and community members. We envision the Littman and White Galleries as centers for cultural enrichment where an indispensable art experience is accessible to all perspectives and levels of education.

Oct 2, 2017
Call: Día de Muertx
UNA Gallery

November is Día de Muertx at UNA Gallery and this is a call for different forms of participation!

The project involves a gallery-sized installation of three main Altares de Muertx:

Nuestrx Muertx: for our friends and family who've passed

The Fallen: for the victims of police brutality, hate crimes, war and social injustice.

Artists: for the artists and creatives before us

The opening event on November 2nd will also involve performance, music, poetry and dinner.

This is a call for participation to bring this event to fruition: artists, performers, poets, crafters, organizers, coordinators and friends! All folks of color are welcome to be involved, support and participate in many different ways!

Follow this link for the Submission Form and select the way in which you'd like to be involved:

DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSIONS IS OCTOBER 2nd. Following the selection of participants, we will schedule a meeting to coordinate the group of selected artists & organizers!

PLEASE NOTE: All people of color are invited to participate. However, we beg that you be mindful If you wish to participate but have no personal relationship to Día de Muertx. Do your research before showing up and spare us having to deal with any offensive / problematic / colonialist / appropriating elements of folks' involvement.

Dec 2, 2017
Cloud of Petals
DISJECTA, 8371 N Interstate

Disjecta is proud to announce the second exhibition by Curator in Residence Julia Greenway. Sarah Meyohas’s Cloud of Petals presents new and previous work together that examines themes of beauty and labor in an automated society.

This multi-layered project began in 2016 at Eero Saarinen’s Bell Works in Holmdel, New Jersey, where the artist organized a crew of 16 men to pluck the petals off 10,000 roses. These performers selected and photographed each petal according to the artist’s stringent guidelines. The images were then uploaded to a cloud server, where they became “inputs for an artificial neural network”, an algorithm that builds, connects, and intertwines to create a system that is self-learning, rather than programmed. Upon entering the exhibition, the viewer is lead into Disjecta’s darkened and cavernous gallery space. Headsets are suspended from the ceiling, displaying the virtual environments created from Meyohas’s network of petals. Also on view is Meyohas’s 30-minute highly saturated 16mm film, documenting and contextualizing the scope of the artist’s unique process at Bell Labs. Through multiple digital platforms, Cloud of Petals uses clichés of the feminine to represent our vast and intangible system of digital networks along with the shifting levels of consciousness and identity that come with our use of them.

The show runs through January 13, 2018 and the gallery is open Friday–Sunday, 12–5pm and by appointment. Closed for Christmas and New Years. All exhibitions and events are free to attend and open to the public. A supportive exhibition of work by Tannaz Farsi, curated by Julia Greenway will be held in Seattle during the exhibition.

Seattle-based curator Julia Greenway is curating four exhibitions for the 2017-18 season at Disjecta Contemporary Art Center for the Curator in Residence Program. Greenway focuses her curation on the examination of digital media’s influence on the aesthetic presentation of gender, economics, and environment.

SEATTLE SUPPORTIVE PROGRAMS AND EVENTS Field not Frame , a solo exhibition by Tannaz Farsi Glassbox Gallery 831 Seattle Blvd S, Seattle, WA 98134 Exhibition: November 2 - December 9, 2017