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  • Started Thursday
    Apr 27 2017
    How to Identify, Understand and Disrupt Microaggressions

    Discover the relationship between implicit or unconscious bias and microaggressions.

  • Friday
    Apr 28 2017
    Queer Students of Color Conference: Decolonizing Queerness
    PSU Smith Center

    Join us for the seventh Queer Students of Color Conference, organized by students at Portland State University to convene students and community members together and create intentional communities around the intersections of gender, sexuality, race, culture, and nationality.

    Keynotes Confirmed: Caleb Luna, Karolina Lopez, Kay Barrett, Taylor Amari Little

    The theme of QSOCC this year, Decolonizing Queerness, looks to the process of decolonization as an interwoven, communal, and consistent push to actively resist the pervasive politics of colonization. It is a push to resist the cruel and oppressive structures we have created, existed within and to which we have been indoctrinated. To queer is to decolonize. Queerness at its true form has always been active resistance to a privileged narrative; a critique of the constructs that rule our current social location. We feel a responsibility to continue this tradition. Our intention for this year’s conference is to go beyond spotlighting our people that came before us. Our intention is to learn from their strength and resilience of active resistance and to invite ourselves and our QTPOC communities to come together to continue their legacy and co-create our future.

    For more information on the conference, how to submit a workshop, and how to be a vendor, visit pdx.edu/queer/qsocc

    To register, visit https://commerce.cashnet.com/pdxQSOCC

    With questions, contact Brianna at qsoc@pdx.edu For accessibility requests, contact Craig at cleets@pdx.edu

  • Arte e Identidad

    PCC MEChA Presents: 1st annual Arte e Identidad.

    We will have food beverages, aztec dancers, entertainment and more!

    This event will be open for everyone! so bring your family and or friends!

    It's going to be at:

    Portland Community College Cascade Campus Student Union Building. 5pm - 8pm

  • 2017 Greenfield Peace Writing Awards with Dr. Moreland-Capuia

    Join us for an evening with Oregon PSR, the student winners of our 2017 Greenfield Peace Writing Scholarship, and Dr. Alisha Moreland-Capuia.

    This is the 9th annual Greenfield Peace Writing Scholarship to which Oregon 11th and 12th graders submitted over 150 essays, poems, and creative narratives. They answered the question: "How would you solve the public health crisis of gun violence?"

    The student winners will be honored at this awards ceremony alongside remarks from Oregon PSR and our esteemed guest, Dr. Alisha Moreland-Capuia. Born and raised in Northeast Portland, Dr. Moreland-Capuia is the co-founder of The Capuia Foundation, Executive Director of the OHSU Avel Gordly Center for Healing, and an Assistant Professor of Public Psychiatry at OHSU. She also serves on the Portland Development Commission and the OHSU/PSU Gun Violence as a Public Health Issue Advisory Committee.

    The event is free and will be held at the Eliot Center of the First Unitarian Church in downtown Portland (1211 SW Main Street). Light refreshments will be served. Community organizations may contact damon@oregonpsr.org to consponsor the event and promote their cause. Questions, concerns, and comments may be sent to damon@oregonpsr.org.

  • Portland May Day Prop Night & Potluck!

    SEIU Local 503

    Come break bread with us as at our evening potluck as we examine the origins of May Day and discuss it's connection to the struggle for genuine liberation in the Philippines and the world over! Unite with us in our struggle against capitalism and imperialism, and join us in creating revolutionary prop work for this coming May Day!

    This contingent is part of the #MayDayPDX #WorkersUnite political education campaign, connecting the struggles of organizations working in Oregon to the history and enduring legacy of International Workers Day (better known as May Day). Join us and rise up in solidarity!

    MayDayPDX #JustPeacePH #ICHRPPeaceTour2017 #PortlandCHRP #GABPDX #ABPDX

    SEIU 503 is ADA accessible and has a gender equal restroom.

    Questions or Concerns? Please leave us a comment below!

    About JustPeacePH:

    JustPeacePH is an international platform which supports peace in the Philippines. It has special emphasis in reaching out to individuals, organizations, and institutions which have advocacies on peace and issue-based people's concerns in various capacities outside of the country. In particular, JustPeacePH aims to seek support from individuals and organizations in multilateral organizations, people's organizations, civil society organizations, academia, development institutions as well as governments.

    The overall objective of JustPeacePH is:

    1) to create an international network or platform to support peace in the Philippines

    2) to support the Filipino people's aspirations for just and lasting peace.

  • No LNG Birddogging Gov. Brown

    Just Show Up. No experience necessary!

    The Trump White House is putting forces together to actively push through the Jordan Cove LNG project, the most environmentally destructive project in Oregon history, tearing up 400 salmon streams and destroying forests upon forests in its 230 mile long 36" diameter pipeline wake--and forcing eminent domain upon Oregon landowners to give up parts of their land against their will.

    This project has to be stopped and Governor Kate Brown can singlehandedly stop it. She needs to hear our voices and Friday, April 28, at the Hilton Hotel in downtown Portland we are birddogging her and the Democrats who are attending a gala event there honoring Senator Wayne Morse. Signs will be available and we will be on the sidewalk as near to the event as we are allowed to be. We will let her and the Democrats know that we stand united against this monstrosity.

  • Pochas Present: Nalgona Positivity Pride!

    SAVE THE DATE! Friday, April 28th. 6pm-7:30pm at 3520 SE Yamhill St. Portland OR 97214 <3

    We are honored and excited to host Gloria from NPP in Portland for her presentation of:

    Historical Trauma and Modern Day Oppression: How Does This Relate to Eating Disorders?

    The relationship developed by women of color with their bodies and food is a profound and complicated one. The advent of colonialism* brought with it a violent disruption in the lives of women of color, producing historical trauma, post traumatic slave syndrome, as well as social and economic systems of oppression (e.g. capitalism, racism, classism, heterosexism, acculturation, and trauma).

    In this workshop, we will analyze how violent relationships with food are a product of colonialism and a traumatic response to it (specific to the experiences of poc). Furthermore, as a group, we will brainstorm ways in which healing can take place in our lives and communities.

    ~ Gloria is a Xicana womxn and the person behind Nalgona Positivity Pride. Straight from the Inland Empire, the DIY punk community in Riverside taught her to organize and since the age of 18 she has helped form Ladyfest IE, IE Riot Grrrls, and Women of Color for Decolonization. In 2014, she founded Nalgona Positivity Pride from years of dealing with the violent lack of women of color representation in the eating disorder awareness community. Like the chingona womxn of color that came before, she creates spaces for marginalized folks to support each other and heal from the trauma of colonialism, eurocentric beauty ideals and disordered eating in communities of color. She has lectured across the nation in different universities and community organizations. Gloria’s work has been featured at the Huffington Post, MiTú , Bitch Magazine, and The Body is not an Apology. Gloria and NPP envision an end to the white centered feminist “waves” and welcome the rise of lasting colorful queer friendly tsunamis. Her most recent project is Sage & Spoon an online support group for indigenous people and people of color with eating problems. She lives in Los Angeles with her partner and their cats, Pepita and Mister Orange.

    ~ Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/shop/NalgonaPositiveShop Tumblr: http://nalgonapride.tumblr.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nalgonapositivepride/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/nalgonapositivitypride/?hl=en

  • Juno 10th Anniversary - Planned Parenthood Fundraiser

    Mission Theater

    When precocious teen Juno MacGuff (Ellen Page) becomes pregnant, she chooses a failed rock star and his wife (Jennifer Garner) to adopt her unborn child. Complications occur when Mark, the prospective father, begins viewing Juno as more than just the mother of his future child, putting both his marriage and the adoption in jeopardy. Catch it on the Big Screen at the Mission Monday, April 24th 8:30pm Tuesday, April 25th 5:30pm Wednesday, April 26th 5:45pm Friday, April 28th 9:00pm- Portion of tickets sold will be donated to Planned Parenthood Saturday, April 29th 8:30pm Portion of tickets sold will be donated to Planned Parenthood



  • Friday
    Apr 28 2017
    Queer Students of Color Conference: Decolonizing Queerness
    PSU Smith Center

    Join us for the seventh Queer Students of Color Conference, organized by students at Portland State University to convene students and community members together and create intentional communities around the intersections of gender, sexuality, race, culture, and nationality.

    Keynotes Confirmed: Caleb Luna, Karolina Lopez, Kay Barrett, Taylor Amari Little

    The theme of QSOCC this year, Decolonizing Queerness, looks to the process of decolonization as an interwoven, communal, and consistent push to actively resist the pervasive politics of colonization. It is a push to resist the cruel and oppressive structures we have created, existed within and to which we have been indoctrinated. To queer is to decolonize. Queerness at its true form has always been active resistance to a privileged narrative; a critique of the constructs that rule our current social location. We feel a responsibility to continue this tradition. Our intention for this year’s conference is to go beyond spotlighting our people that came before us. Our intention is to learn from their strength and resilience of active resistance and to invite ourselves and our QTPOC communities to come together to continue their legacy and co-create our future.

    For more information on the conference, how to submit a workshop, and how to be a vendor, visit pdx.edu/queer/qsocc

    To register, visit https://commerce.cashnet.com/pdxQSOCC

    With questions, contact Brianna at qsoc@pdx.edu For accessibility requests, contact Craig at cleets@pdx.edu

  • Saturday
    Apr 29 2017
    Anti-FA are a bunch of sad pathetic losers

    Eastport Plaza

    Anti-FA are a bunch of sad pathetic losers


  • Exploring Race and Class Intersections

    This workshop, co-sponsored by Class Action, Social Justice Fund NW and Oregon Food Bank explores the critical link between class and race in the United States. It starts by examining the historical basis for classism and racism and then invites people to examine how race and class impacts our individual life experiences. The workshop is interactive and experiential and participants should be prepared to examine and talk about the origins of their own class backgrounds and racial identities.

    The general goals of the workshop are as follows:

    1. Shared understanding and framework for discussing class and race
    2. Understanding how race and class have operated structurally throughout history
    3. Increasing awareness of individual own racial and class identities and their impact
    4. Explore steps we can take towards greater race and class equity

    Cost: $25-$150 based on ability to pay.


  • Paddle to Kalama

    Kalama, Washington

    The Cowlitz Canoe Family invites all canoe families to participate in this event to protest the proposed development of dirty fossil fuel development in Southwest Washington including a proposed project that would build the WORLD’s largest methanol gas refinery in Kalama, WA. Calling on all indigenous people and allies to act in solidarity with the Cowlitz Indian Tribe in opposing these projects.

    Please register in advance! Sponsored by: Columbia Riverkeeper Website: www.ColumbiaRiverKeeper.org Contact: Jasmine@ColumbiaRiverKeeper.org

    Event Registration: http://salsa4.salsalabs.com/o/50797/p/salsa/event/common/public/?event_KEY=8856

  • PNCA Library Art+Feminism Wikipedia Edit-a-Thon

    Join us for the second of two Art & Feminism Wikipedia Edit-a-Thons this Spring in Portland! These events require no previous experience and are open to people of all gender identities. Just bring a laptop and charging cable and we'll provide everything else! Snacks and experienced, dependable childcare provided! Please RSVP via the EventBrite link...this is not mandatory, but helpful to the organizers, especially if you need childcare.

    About the event:

    Wikimedia’s gender trouble is well-documented. In a 2011 survey, the Wikimedia Foundation found that less than 10% of its contributors identify as female. While the reasons for the gender gap are up for debate, the practical effect of this disparity, however, is not. Content is skewed by the uneven gender participation. This represents an alarming absence in an increasingly important repository of shared knowledge. We all know that this bias is not just about gender. Women of color are often the least represented voices in history. Let’s change that! This event is about amplifying voice. Attendees are encouraged to edit any entry of interest related to arts, feminism, gender studies, activism and LGBTQ issues. All are welcome who care about the representation of all genders in Wikipedia’s content and among its contributors. We will provide tutorials for the beginner Wikipedian, reference materials, and laptops. Bring your own laptop if you have one and any ideas for entries that need updating or creation. We will have a couple extra computers available. For the editing-averse, we urge you to stop by to show your support, learn more about this project, and eat snacks.

  • Meditation Before the Climate March

    Dawson Park

    Buddhists will gather under the Buddhist Peace Fellowship banner to meditate together an hour before the start of the People's Climate March https://www.facebook.com/events/1250735871647787/ . We will be on hand for the rally, and those who are able will march as an affinity group. In good weather, look for us in grass oval to the west of the gazebo. If there’s rain, look for us under covered areas on the west side of the park. Please inform your sanghas and fellow Buddhists so that we can make our presence matter for justice and protection. We hope to have buttons and bandanas with BPF logo available.

  • Join POW at the People's Climate March in Portland

    Lillis Albina City Park

    March with us on April 29th in Portland, Oregon. It’s time the outdoor sports community stands up to protect our mountains, rivers, public lands, jobs and communities from the impacts of climate change.

    At 11 AM, join POW at Lillis Albina City Park (360-498 N Russell St, Portland, OR 97227) to meet with POW where we will have hats, shirts, and a big banner to march behind. Then, together we will join the main Peoples Climate March starting at Dawson Park (N Williams Ave, Portland, OR 97227) just a few blocks away from 12-4PM to stand up for positive climate action!

    Please share this event with your friends and family. For more information click the link to the Portland Peoples Climate March page: http://www.opalpdx.org/2017/02/april-29th-peoples-climate-movement-portland-or/

    Come march with us as we work towards positive action climate now! See you all on April 29th!


  • People's Climate Movement: PDX

    Dawson Park

    On April 29th, we mobilize! OPAL and our partners in the Oregon Just Transition Alliance are calling on Oregon's Environmental Justice communities and anyone who stands with people of color and low income people to join the movements for racial, social, and economic justice as pathways to climate action.

    All individuals are invited to join to show solidarity. RSVP and share the announcement on Facebook here. Grassroots organizations, nonprofits, faith communities, academic institutions, and other groups can formally endorse and support this day of action: click here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSe6RbDzdq5-romjZRPYexYckrkyNE_EZhQNqNKQfvxLv0wG4Q/viewform

    Individuals who want details as they emerge, join the action email list. Click here: http://eepurl.com/cCfXE9

    Event Details:

    Where: Dawson Park, Portland, OR

    When: April 29th, 2017, 12:00pm

    What: Visible direct action led by people of color and low-income communities who are at the front lines of environmental and climate injustice. AGENDA: 12:00-12:30 Gather 12:30-1:30 Spoken Program 1:30-4:00 March! (Route TBD) 4:00-5:00 Tabling and Cleanup

    What we know:

    • People of color suffer the worst impacts of climate change both in the U.S. and worldwide. Communities of color and low income people are disproportionately affected by natural and manmade disaster. We are the last to leave and the first to respond to disaster. Our communities already lack basic infrastructure to support us – from adequate transportation options to affordable housing and food access. These systems will fail during climate disaster.
    • Housing is a climate issue. Transportation is a climate issue. Energy, education, food, and jobs are climate issues. Every sector of our economy must transition to stop climate change.
    • Our communities are under attack by climate denial rooted in systems of oppression. A bold, urgent, collective response is needed.
    • Historically-marginalized people must lead the transition to advance justice, or the outcomes will not improve conditions for those of us who are most-impacted. Nothing about us without us!
    • Grassroots Global Justice states, “The climate crisis is a symptom of a deeper problem: an economy based on extraction and exploitation of resources and people. This economy benefits a few at the expense of communities and the planet. ... Climate Action must be rooted in justice. The frontlines of the climate crisis are low-income people, communities of color and indigenous communities. We are the hardest hit by both climate disruption––the storms, floods and droughts––as well as by the extractive, polluting and wasteful industries causing global warming. We are also at the forefront of innovative community-led solutions that ensure a just transition off fossil fuels, and that support an economy good for both people and the planet. ... People on the frontlines of the climate crisis know what action needs to be taken, and are ready to make change happen. We need our governments and global leaders to catch up with the people on the ground.”
    • The Climate Justice Alliance Principles state, “Living a good life in a good way can only happen by first recognizing that the root causes of the daily economic, environmental and social inequity that plague communities worldwide are also compromising the metabolism of Mother Earth; and that all real solutions must address both the economic and ecological crisis. This recognition is what defines the Climate Justice Movement."

    In Solidarity With All Movements for Justice

    • The People's Climate Movement is also mobilizing in Washington, D.C. on April 29th, with echo actions taking place nationwide. We stand in solidarity with impacted people around the country and around the globe to demand action to stop and reverse climate change, prepare for and adapt to climate change, and strengthen community to grow our collective power.
    • Environmental Justice was among the Unity Principles of the Women’s March on Washington: “We believe that every person and every community in our nation has the right to clean water, clean air, and access to and enjoyment of public lands. We believe that our environment and our climate must be protected, and that our land and natural resources cannot be exploited for corporate gain or greed - especially at the risk of public safety and health.”
    • Environmental and Climate Justice intersect the great issues of our time. Everyone who fights for racial, social and economic justice must recognize the urgency of this moment, and that our fates are bound.
  • A People's History of Portland Tour

    Voodoo Doughnut

    A People's History of Portland" is a walking tour that highlights the lesser known stories of Portland’s immigrants, social activists, and working class heroes.

    Before Portland was known for Portlandia, bikes and brews, the foundations of the city were built by immigrant laborers.This tour tells Portland’s story from the point of view of Chinese people, Japanese people, African American people, Jewish people, and the LGBT communities that are often left out of mainstream conversations about Portland.

    RSVP through this link: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/a-peoples-history-of-portland-tour-tickets-33637138587

  • Vancouver Climate March

    Marshall Park, Vancouver

    Join our community on Saturday, April 29th from 12:30-3:30pm as we rally and march on Vancouver, WA to raise awareness of Climate Change and Environmental Social Justice issues as well as to educate the public on a variety of ways to take meaningful action on the local level. Whether you're a representative of the Native American community, a climate activist, a water protector, a teacher, a scientist, a community leader, a clean energy representative or simply a concerned citizen of this planet all are welcome to join and share their voice and unique perspective. Bring your friends and family to this peaceful demonstration.

    The rally portion will take place at Marshall Community Park near the large covered shelter. We will have audio equipment available so everyone can hear our variety of speakers. There are public restrooms available, but there will be NO vendors at this event. Please eat before or after the event and bring your own reusable water bottle as given the nature of the event we do not want to generate waste. Parking at the Marshall Center may be limited do to children's soccer games taking place in the nearby field so please plan accordingly and be prepared to park on the road by Clark College or a few blocks away. There is a large play structure for children, and we hope to have some activities provided for kids related to Climate/Environment. We have posted the marching route on our page. It is a 3 mile loop including Mill Plain Blvd, Main Street, 4th Plain Blvd and Fort Vancouver Way. There is a halfway point for people who are unable to walk the full route and it is roughly half the length and also leads back to Marshall Park. We will have assigned march leaders wearing orange vests, and we will be sticking to the sidewalks and obeying traffic laws.

    Please dress warm, be prepared for the possibility of rain and bring signs that draw attention to what we are marching for.

    *If you represent an organization dedicated to Climate Change or Environmental issues please send us a private message if you would like permission to set up an informational table at this event. Please note ONLY approved requests are allowed to table at our event. So if you are interested contact us asap.

    Thank you all!

  • Representation Day 2017

    Once a year we join with Represent.Us chapters across the country to educate the public on corruption issues. Come out and learn why the problem is so pervasive, how our democracy got so messed up, and most importantly what we can all do to make American democracy work for all of us! In addition to speakers, there will be educational activities, live music before and after, and great beer and food at the Laurelthirst Public House, our incredibly gracious hosts!

    So come out, bring your friends, get educated, and prepare to change our city and state in 2017!

    In communities across the country, we'll be delivering corruption report cards and showing that the people are not satisfied. The Swamp is not Drained, and the people are stepping up to do something about it.

    Please RSVP at the link below so that we can have an accurate headcount for the event:


  • League of Women Voters New Member Meet-Up!

    Come get to know fellow new members of the League of Women Voter's Washington County and find out what the League is about and how to get involved!

  • 2nd Annual PCC DREAMers Fundraising Gala

    PCC Rock Creek

    Portland Community College is committed to providing a welcoming environment that supports, retains, and empowers a diverse student body. While at PCC, our students achieve academic excellence and become brave leaders who challenge and dismantle systems of oppression within our communities.

    This December, the Board of Directors at Portland Community College voted to become a sanctuary college. The DREAMers Gala plays a critical role in our status as a sanctuary college and our commitment to access and opportunity for all students. We are committed to partnering with organizations that share our interest in supporting the PCC DREAMers Scholarship Fund.

    During our 2016 inaugural PCC DREAMers Gala, we were able to raise $25,000 thanks to last year’s DREAMer supporters. Because of the generosity of organizations like yours and a partnership with The Institute for Mexicans Living Abroad Scholarship Program, we funded a mentorship program and awarded scholarships to 10 PCC undocumented students.

    Our PCC DREAMers Gala is now an annual event aiming to support undocumented and DACAmented students attending PCC. This year we hope to receive greater support from our community and raise $35,000 in scholarship donations!

    We can't do this alone, we need your support!

    PCC DREAMers Gala Saturday, April 29, 2017 6-9 p.m. Portland Community College | Rock Creek Campus 17705 NW Springville Rd, Portland

    Support current and future undocumented students by purchasing a table or individual ticket to attend the 2nd Annual PCC DREAMers Fundraising Gala


  • BVWU 1 Year Anniversary Party

    Cider Riot

    The Burgerville Workers Union turns 1 year old this month! We have so much to celebrate and we want our friends and supporters to celebrate with us. Join us at Cider Riot on Saturday, April 29th for an evening of food, drinks, and music!

    Sliding scale donations at the door Food and drinks available for purchase The space is wheel chair accessible

  • City Wide Pre Mayday Postering Day of Action
    Portland, Oregon

    All power to the NACs! Let's make a big statement by postering across Portland on the 29th and 30th.

    Get together with other members of your Neighborhood Action Council, friends or family and let's spread some pre Mayday knowledge, inspiration and art throughout the city! Print some posters or pick them up at the assembly on the 22ND. Schedule a time with a few other people and then go out into your neighborhood and post some of these posters around!

    Posters will be made available for pickup this Saturday the 22ND at our monthly Assembly.

    Please print some of the posters linked below to bring to the assembly or to distribute on your own if you have access to printing.

    Anti Racism Flyer Color https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BxJb6e1lsvEYNFRtc2RoeEl0MlU

    Anti Racism Flyer Black and White https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BxJb6e1lsvEYdXl1eWlFOVFMbkU

    Anti Gentrification Flyer Color https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BxJb6e1lsvEYZFRLZVRqMk9YZUU

    Anti Gentrification Flyer Black and White https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BxJb6e1lsvEYWENlY0ZTUk5fY0E

    This event was called for by NAC's on the last PA NAC Organizer call. Unfortunately Facebook does not allow Groups to host events under their own name, so it has wrongfully listed my individual name as the host.


Next two weeks

  • Friday
    Apr 28 2017
    Queer Students of Color Conference: Decolonizing Queerness
    PSU Smith Center

    Join us for the seventh Queer Students of Color Conference, organized by students at Portland State University to convene students and community members together and create intentional communities around the intersections of gender, sexuality, race, culture, and nationality.

    Keynotes Confirmed: Caleb Luna, Karolina Lopez, Kay Barrett, Taylor Amari Little

    The theme of QSOCC this year, Decolonizing Queerness, looks to the process of decolonization as an interwoven, communal, and consistent push to actively resist the pervasive politics of colonization. It is a push to resist the cruel and oppressive structures we have created, existed within and to which we have been indoctrinated. To queer is to decolonize. Queerness at its true form has always been active resistance to a privileged narrative; a critique of the constructs that rule our current social location. We feel a responsibility to continue this tradition. Our intention for this year’s conference is to go beyond spotlighting our people that came before us. Our intention is to learn from their strength and resilience of active resistance and to invite ourselves and our QTPOC communities to come together to continue their legacy and co-create our future.

    For more information on the conference, how to submit a workshop, and how to be a vendor, visit pdx.edu/queer/qsocc

    To register, visit https://commerce.cashnet.com/pdxQSOCC

    With questions, contact Brianna at qsoc@pdx.edu For accessibility requests, contact Craig at cleets@pdx.edu

  • Sunday
    Apr 30 2017
    Reclaim the Streets! A day of action and community improvement

    We are putting forth a call to action, in the name of claiming agency over our public spaces and meeting the needs of the communities we live in.

    On Sunday 4/30, we are calling for the people of Portland to take to the streets, in their own neighborhoods, and in mutual aid with eachother, to autonomously address the needs of those specific neighborhoods.

    Need an idea for actions to take? try some of these: - Patching Potholes! - Increasing the visibility of potholes that you cant patch with high visibility paint! - Installing/Painting Crosswalks! - Installing/Painting Bike Lanes! - Installing Stop Signs! - Removing broken glass and debris from roadways! - Knocking on neighbor's doors to introduce yourself! - Calling community meetings to discuss the needs of your neighborhood!

    We will be producing instructional videos in the coming weeks to share information about how to perform some of these actions.

    We are also working on infrastructure to assist individuals and groups to take action throughout the city.

    Please be in touch if you have any questions, comments, thoughts and Ideas about this action.

    Rise Up! Portland Anarchist Road Care

  • MAY DAY Educational Event

    Central Library

    Join us this Sunday, April 30th, for an educational event where we explore the history of May Day and it’s significance in the labor struggle today. We’ll be learning about the Haymarket Affair and the role it played in the international labor movement. This is a free event and all are welcome. The event will be held in the US Bank Room at the Central Library.

  • Workshop - Misinformation and Political Propaganda

    West Linn Library

    We are overwhelmed with messages from politicians, news sources and other media. Learn to distinguish truth from fiction using critical thinking strategies. The workshop uses real world examples of political ads, news headlines, graphs / charts, the effect of word choice in messaging, statistical data and other types of information in a “what do you see here? / what is missing?” format. The last part is about finding accurate information. The goal is to help people become their own “factchecker”.

  • Dare to Self-Care


    Join us for a day of self-care and community. We will be coordinating a number of family friendly, self-care workshops including yoga, zumba, art, and nutrition classes. Come for one or all of these free activities. This is the third event in a three-part series in recognition of Sexual Assault Awareness month.

    A big thanks to our partner Public Annex. Learn more about their services at https://www.facebook.com/publicannex/.

    SARC’s mission is to promote social justice by eliminating sexual violence in our community through education, support, and advocacy.

    Thank you for donations from; Lush Portland Bee Balm Portland Nursery

  • Wake Of Vanport screening

    Stories told by Vanport survivors and others closely related to the era, along with archival photo backdrops, will be screened at The Hollywood Theatre on Sunday, April 30 at 2:00 p.m. The stories focus on life in Vanport and the 1948 Memorial Day flood when a dike broke on the Columbia River. The rising waters completely destroyed Vanport, Oregon, the city built by industrialist and ship builder Henry J. Kaiser. Together, this touching collection of truly heartfelt remembrances paint a poignant portrait of a short-lived, idyllic oasis ­—Movie Critic Kam Williams Immediately following the screening there will be an opportunity for discussion about possible plans for a Vanport memorial. Admission is FREE, but space is limited and reservation is required.

    Sponsors and partners: The Oregon Lottery, PCRI, Portland Prime, The Mt. Hood Cable Regulatory Commission, The National Endowment for the Arts: Art Works and The Regional Arts and Culture Council for project funding. Partners Portland Community Media, The Hollywood Theatre, The Oregon Historical Society, and The Skanner Newsgroup have made this project possible. PHOTO: Survivors gather on high ground to watch the destruction of Vanport. May 30, 1948. Photo by Allen deLay (1915-2005) ©Thomas Robinson .

  • Canvass Training w/ BerniePDX & PDX DSA

    SEIU Local 503

    1:1 conversations are the only way we win. Learn how! Join BerniePDX and Portland DSA in this high-information, hands on training on how to canvass and organize for change. Snacks, childcare, materials provided. Let's make a difference across Oregon AND in the upcoming May election.

    Come learn how to organize and run a canvass to gain public support and action for issues you care about! We'll go over everything from creating canvassing turf to writing scripts.

    AGENDA: - Why canvass? And when not to. - Types of canvasses - Elements of a successful canvass: Script & resources for canvassers Turf Door-to-door basics Literature Volunteer recruitment Debrief - Script writing break-out exercise & practice

  • Ghostlight Community Conversation: Transgender Equality

    On January 19th, The Armory, in collaboration with The Ghostlight Project, joined over 500 theaters across the country and pledged a commitment to our community: we pledged that the theater would continue to be a safe space for productive civic conversation. We're living up that that commitment with monthly community conversations, where we'll bring in experts on relevant topics, and open the mic up for you to share your story as well.

    This month, we've invited Q Center to moderate a conversation regarding transgender rights and equality, and to discuss how recent legislation such as North Carolina's House Bill 2 --the "Bathroom Bill" --can impact the nation and our community here in Portland. Join us on Sunday for a conversation with Geeta Lewis, and Neola Young with guest moderator and Co-Director of Sankofa Collective Northwest Leila Haile!

  • Film Night & Panel Discussion with Rose City Redneck Revolt

    Come join Rose City RedneckRevolt for a film screening of "American Revolution 2" - a documentary about the co-organizing efforts between the Black Panthers and the Young Patriots and the beginnings of the original, radical Rainbow Coalition. The film will be accompanied with a panel discussion from Redneck Revolt organizers about the Redneck Revolt network and our organizing working people against white supremacy and capitalism, and the re-forming of the original Rainbow Coalition. We will be sharing a meal, potluck style! You are welcome to bring a dish to share with your neighbors, but don't worry if you can't, there's plenty to go around! Also, we will have some groceries to share with anyone that needs them. If you've got some extras, please feel free to bring any non-perishable food items you'd like to contribute. The event is free to everyone, donations are welcome. The event is Rose City RedneckRevolt's educational event as part of the Portland May Day Coalition pre-May Day organizing.

  • April Meal--HS Homeless Family Shelter

    IF YOU ARE INTERSESTED IN PARTICIPATING PLEASE EMAIL CHERYL or DEBBIE as space is limited for this ongoing outreach. Donations are always gladly accepted. cherylann2005@yahoo.com or Debbie Gordon sodeb77@gmail.com

    Food servers and donations needed for this ongoing outreach. Servers need to be at the center around 5:30 pm.

    If you are able to participate with cooking let Cheryl and Debbie know ASAP! Will you donate cash and someone else will put the food together, or will you provide the food item??

    Also, if you are able to serve the meal, let them know. ASAP. We have limited space so please be very specific as to who will be volunteering. There will be some volunteers actually serving the food, two or three to help the mom's that have more than two plates to manage and 3 or 4 in the kitchen to keep warm food coming out and to rinse dishes that go into the dishwasher.

    We don't take pictures that include the residents. We are there to deliver as much dignity as we can along with a nutritious meal. And we are appreciated by the residents!

    The meal will be served on Sunday,April 30th. Food and Volunteers are asked to be at the center by 5:30 pm. We begin to serve around 6:15 pm. We need a total of 12 volunteers. A couple in the kitchen to bring out warm food, a couple to deal with dishes, and the rest out in front serving or helping a parent that has more than one child maneuver through the line.

    MENU: Gr. beef stroganoff for 50 (recipe available) Gr. Beef stroganoff for 50 Gr. beef stroganoff for 50 Gr. beef stroganoff for 50

    Green salad for 100 (3 oz per person) Green salad for 100 (3 oz per person)

    2 large bottles ranch dressing, 2 large bottles vinaigrette dressing

    Rolls (5 bags of Costco rolls), 2 lbs of butter softened and ready to serve.

    Cupcakes--we need 200 regular size cupcakes, please let Cheryl or Debbie know how many you will provide


  • Monday
    May 1 2017
    General Strike! Shut it down.

    The time has come.

    The time to fight the attacks on the freedom, dignity and human rights that are corrupting our communities, our country and our constitution.

    It's time to stand up, as a people against fascism and autocratic leadership.

    It's time to RESIST. It is time to defend all people, including workers, immigrants, Muslims, Women, LGBTQ people. It is time to defend our climate, our schools and our unions.

    This is a call to all working people, to all communities: Join us in the streets in a general strike on May 1, 2017!

    Let us stand up together for a world where human rights and equality are respected. We are fighting for a world in which immigrant families are no longer torn apart, in which every child gets a good public education, every parent can access affordable childcare, every family has quality healthcare, every senior can retire in dignity, and where working hard is enough to live out of poverty.


  • May Day 2017 | 1ro de Mayo 2017

    May Day 2017: Hate will not stop us. Fear will not silence us.

    Join us on May 1st at the Oregon State Capitol as we march for the liberty and lives of our families.

    Presented by Causa and Oregon School Employees Association (OSEA).

    1ro de Mayo 2017: El odio no nos detendrá. El miedo no nos callará.

    Hay que unirnos el 1ro de Mayo en el Capitolio (mono de oro) para marchar por nuestra libertdad y las vidas de nuestras famlias.

    Presentado por Causa y Oregon School Employees Association (OSEA).

  • A Day Without Immigrants: May Day at PSU

    Join the PSU May Day Planning Coalition for a rally at the Park Blocks at PSU at noon and then a march to join the Portland May Day Coalition at Shemanski Park!

    No ban, no wall, no deportations! Defend students and workers of all nations!

    This event is endorsed by:

    PSUFA GEU SEIU 49 & 89 Carpenters 1503 AAUP PSUSU 15NowPSU ISO SA Association of African Students Muslim Student Association

  • May Day 2017 - All Power to the People: Rise Up, Resist, Unite - March and Rally

    Shemanski Park

    Gather at Noon Rally at 2 PM March at 3 PM

    Yes, this year we're marching. :-)

    Make a donation to help support #MayDayPDX 2017: http://bit.ly/PDXMayDay

    Check out this pinned post to see organizations in the Portland May Day Coalition: http://bit.ly/PDXMayDayCoalition

    We are at a moment a long time in the making: hundreds of years of escalating violence targeting the peoples whose labor and struggles form the very foundation of life as we know it have culminated in fascism seizing the world’s highest seat of power and unleashing an all-out assault upon us all.

    Every day brings word of new outrages: mass deportations tearing apart undocumented families, indiscriminate travel bans targeting entire faiths, communities displaced and turned out into the streets to make way for the mega-rich, police gunning down children, women and queer and trans folks unsafe in their own neighborhoods, corporate-backed violence inflicted upon indigenous peoples protecting their ancestral lands and the resources every living thing on earth needs to survive, and militarized police and private security forces armed with terrifying weapons turned loose upon all those who resist. This is a time of shock and awe - a moment in which our collective future feels uncertain and the very future of life on this planet is at stake.

    In these dark times, hope can feel impossible - but hope we must. The entire history of humanity and of worker-led movements in this country and every country on the planet shows that we can survive this. That we are all alive to fight today is undeniable proof that a people united and organized can overcome impossible odds. We are each the wildest dreams of ancestors who lived, fought, and died so we could be alive in this moment. Together, and only together, we have the power to win.

    It isn’t fascism that has the power. It isn’t the imperialists, or the capitalists, or the colonizers, or the ruling class, or the bosses, or the landlords that have the power either. It’s us. The power of those who oppress us is an illusion that crumbles as soon as we rise up, unite, and fight. It is the dispossessed, oppressed, and marginalized masses of poor and working people who are the makers and shapers of history. We always have been. What happens next is up to us.

    This year, as we face a rising fascism and a dying imperialism, the Portland May Day Coalition calls upon every worker, every renter, every artist, every immigrant, every student, every teacher, every parent, every child, every union, every organizer, and every progressive, radical, and revolutionary organization in the city of Portland to rise up, resist, and unite with us on May 1st.

    Note: Portapotties will be available. March route is accessible. Event is permitted.

  • May Day Walking Meditation

    Shemanski Park

    Buddhist Peace Fellowship of Portland offers a walking meditation led by Rev. Jayna Gieber, Meditation Teacher in the tradition of Thich Nhat Hanh. The group will circle Shemanski Park during the hour before the May Day Rally begins. We will leave peaceful footprints all around the park as we rise up, resist, unite. Set intentions for a day bending toward justice, a day of solidarity with immigrants, Muslims, people of color, LGBTQI, unhoused people, and all who are threatened by the rule of a war-mongering billionaire class. May all beings be safe.

  • Mayday school walkout

    We are calling all Beaverton students, middle school, high school and college to stand up in solidarity on May 1st. We are asking that everyone does NOT go to school or that you leave during school and attend the Mayday Anti Capitalist march at shemanski park in downtown Portland at 1pm. We are also asking that everyone wears black to remain anonymous.

    May 1st is our day, the day were us, the students make a stance and fight against fascism, racism, white supremacy, homophobia, islamophobia and Trump.

  • May Day Anti-Capitalist March

    Shemanski Park

    Mayday is quickly approaching! . As Anarchists and Radicals we have a different view of May Day than those hosting the permitted march. . This will be at the same time as the permitted march. We'll respect the organizers and people of the permitted march to a point, then we shall do our own thing.... It would be ideal to actually form a bloc this May Day for our own safety. That means we stick together and we watch each other's backs. . We have so much to be angry about this May Day, from local police killing children in the streets to the fascist cheeto President and the appalling movement he has revitalized. We would like to voice this anger, and we know we are not alone. For 131 years May Day has been the moment that we can stand proud as radicals and share our visions of a better future in which we are all bonded as true equals. It has also been the moment that we fight for that future. May Day was born of our comrades blood that was spilled in May of 1886, and it's fire is fed with every new atrocity such as that of #QuaniceHayes' murder. May Day belongs to everyone and no one. . We recommend that people wear all black, as well as masks, for your safety from the cops as well as fascists. It shows everyone we are in solidarity with everyone else present.

  • May Day 2017 Revolutionary Youth & Family Zone

    Shemanski Park


    The Portland May Day Coalition 2017 invites you to join the REVOLUTIONARY YOUTH & FAMILY ZONE

    at this year's May Day march & rally in the spirit of this year's May Day theme:


    What this looks like:

    A large area in the SW corner of Shemanski Park will be reserved specifically for kids, youth, and families to have their own autonomous space, separate from the more adult-oriented rest of the rally, but definitely still in the thick of things.

    The Revolutionary Youth & Family zone will be a family-friendly space--to us, this means: pro-kid, pro-family (any type of family), and abstaining from "f*ck the police" type messaging (unless it comes from the youth themselves) Keeping it age-appropriate without diluting or censoring is our goal!

    We are here to support kids and youth and their parents/caregivers in participating in the global revolutionary gravity of a day like May Day. We are modeling at all times. We are here in the spirit of abolishing white supremacy, capitalism, imperialism, and patriarchy!

    Youth (younger AND older) will be encouraged to voice, develop, and seed their hopes for what the world should be, could be, can be--in their own words. There will be an area for revolutionary sign-making and an area for the making of homemade noisemakers (both for the march!), as well as plenty of snacks/water and blankets to spread out on. For those younger (or not!), we are hoping to also hoping to have face paint, bubbles, etc.

    The Revolutionary Youth & Family Zone committee is also seeking youth who would like to be a part of the planning/development process right up until May 1! Please send a PM for more information about how to get involved!

    We are also excited and fortunate to be working alongside some rad and visionary youth from Momentum Alliance, whose perspective as older youth social justice organizers is critical, inspiring, and invaluable.

    Volunteers from organizations participating in the May Day Coalition PDX 2017 will be present helping with the making of signs and noisemakers, coordinating snacks, watching out for general safety of youth and children, helping with the implementation of their ideas and youth-appropriate political discussion.

    Volunteers will NOT be one-on-one with a child who is not their own, helping with bathroom, etc. Primary caregivers should not be dropping children off daycare-style, but will be either remaining in the youth & family zone OR within eyesight/easy access nearby. Caregivers will be responsible for their children, ultimately, as we will be there to facilitate education, fun, and safety. Caregivers will sign in with name and phone number when they arrive at the zone so that if need be, we can contact them about their children.

    For primary caregivers/parents: Please plan to be close to your child, if younger, in the Y&F zone. Volunteers will be there for extra eyes, to lead activities, play with the kids, help them make signs, learn songs or chants. Please know that you will need to be responsible for your child, children.

    The march, following the rally, will be led by the youth, kids, families, and caregivers to send a strong message that youth and families can never be an afterthought, but that they ARE the revolution, they are the future, and we are all responsible for the world they grow into. It will also help set a slower and more manageable pace for the march.

    Y&F Zone volunteers will keep this area a place for kids, youth, and families. This will include towing water/snacks, leading songs/chants, adjusting the pace if need be, and helping to make sure no one co-opts the front of the march.

    Voz Worker Education Project holds the permit for this event, so the liability is also on them. Let's make sure we make it as smooth as possible!

    See you in the streets May 1st at Shemanski Park!

    Rally, Youth and Family Zone at 2 PM March at 3 PM


  • RISE UP MAY 1st, Vancouver

    Solidarity March in support of immigrants. Starting at JHB office and ending at Ester Short Park for a rally. Participants are ACLU People Power Clark County, Move On, Clark County 18th LD Democrats, INDIVISABLE Greater Vancouver, North County, LULAC and others Help us fight the bigotry and hatred that threatens our communities. Join us as we march in solidarity and love with our immigrant neighbors

  • The Drivers Collective PDX - Lyft & Uber Drivers Meeting /Social Event

    WHO WE ARE: The Drivers Collective PDX is an organization for Portland-area TNC (Transportation Network Company; Lyft and Uber) drivers and allies. Our mission is to improve the private for-hire transportation system so that it is safe, fair, and efficient for drivers, riders, and the greater community we serve. We advocate for fair and equitable compensation (rates), insurance coverage, and drivers’ interests, with the TNCs, and in local and state policy decisions.

    EVENT: Beginning at 6:00pm, Lyft and Uber drivers gather in McMenamin’s semi-private, events room for casual socializing time. Around 7:00pm we’ll facilitate a meeting which will include:

    • Doing introductions
    • Reviewing the history of TDCpdx,
    • Sharing updates of what's happened since the last general meeting,
    • Celebrating the defeat of the Uber bill: HB3246!
    • Discussing the mayor's desire to have self-driving cars on the streets of Portland "by the end of the year"... and what we might want to do about this issue.
    • Having general discussion of ideas and issues
    • Planning next steps.

    Our focus is growing our membership and collecting signatures on our PETITION: Drivers, Riders and Everyone who supports our mission can:

    OR Join without signing the petition at https://thedriverscollectivepdx.com/join

  • Clinton St Resistance presents Pink Floyd: The Wall on 35mm - Night Strike fundraiser

    Here on Clinton Corner, we're doing our bit to make things better with a FREE movie every Monday night. We're taking donations for a good cause, so come to the Clinton Street Theater and drop $5 in the bucket.

    Special treat--brought to you on 35mm

    "Nothing is put together for you, but all the pieces of the puzzle are there for you to create what you want. It's refreshing to see a movie that is completely out of the box, and doesn't follow any present forumla. THE WALL is a great rock opera." Austin Kennedy, Sin Magazine

    This week's screening is a Fundraiser for Night Strike.

    Night Strike is a community gathering that mobilizes volunteers/services, meets felt needs, and develops relationships that transform lives. It is a unique opportunity for people to spend time under the Burnside Bridge every Thursday night to love people because people matter. It is an opportunity for members of Portland’s homeless community to hang out, enjoy a hot meal, receive a free haircut or shave, have their feet washed and have their old shoes/clothes/sleeping bags replaced. It is also a chance for you to come down and share in the experience, help serve the needs of the homeless in our community, and more importantly, invest in lives and build relationships with the people you meet.

  • Tuesday
    May 2 2017
    ResistTrumpTuesday: PDX Meetup at Sen Wyden's

    11:30am -- Planning meeting in the courtyard at 911 NE 11th Ave.

    12noon -- Meet with Senator Wyden's staffers in courtyard

    We'll develop a message and "ask" for the day, based on current events. Suggestions are welcome! Please comment below or PM us. We'll post the ask about 24 hours before the event.

  • ResistTrumpTuesday: PDX Meet up at Sen. Wyden’s

    11:30 a.m. (optional):

    Planning meeting in the courtyard 

    12:00 p.m.:

    Speak with staffer

    We'll develop a message and "ask" for the day, based on current events. Suggestions are welcome! Please comment below or PM us. We'll post the ask about 24 hours before the event.

  • Eight That Can't Wait Discussion: Mental Health Challenges

    In 2016, the Women's Foundation of Oregon released Count Her In, the most comprehensive report on the status of women and girls in 20 years. The report identified "Eight That Can't Wait" areas of urgent concern for Oregon's women and girls. Join us for a community discussion on mental health in Oregon and what can be done to address it.

    Panelists: - Liz Estabrooks, Oregon Women Veterans Coordinator, Oregon Department of Veterans' Affairs - Katrina Leupp, Assistant Professor, Washington State University - Vancouver - Jeannette Pai-Espinoza, President, The National Crittenton Foundation

    Refreshments provided $15 suggested donation

    Registration is free: https://goo.gl/forms/90NLfsbnm6Hvl9HE3

    This event is made possible through a sponsorship from Northwest Health Foundation.

  • BerniePDX Ballot Party! Let's VOTE!

    The Watershed

    It's that time of year again! Come fill out your May Special Election ballot with BerniePDX! We'll discuss and vote for progressive candidates and initiatives, and eat snacks (bring some food or drink if you're able)!

    This is seriously one of our favorite events of the year. Never heard of that initiative on the ballot? Wondering who other Berniecrats are voting for? Come find out!

    We can even drop off your ballot for you the next day! Visit OregonVotes.gov to register to vote, last day to register is April 25!

    BerniePDX Endorsements for May 16, 2017 Election:

    Portland Public Schools: Rita Moore & Scott Bailey PCC Board: Valdez Bravo (Zone 5 - SW PDX & Beaverton) David Douglas School Board: Stephanie Stephens & Ana Del Rocio YES on the School Bond!

  • For the Activist: An Evening of Heart-Centered Meditation

    Rev. Jayna Gieber, Meditation Teacher in the tradition of Thich Nhat Hanh, offers this experiential workshop with guided meditation to crystal bowls designed to support and balance the passionate hearts and minds of activists.

    Much is asked of us as lovers of the earth and life. It is imperative as we do the work of tending the world, we also tend ourselves, keeping our hearts soft yet strong, even in the midst of heartbreaking planetary developments.

    In a supportive atmosphere with climate and social justice companions, come take refuge. All are welcome. You might bring a blanket and pillow for guided meditation if you wish.

    Rev. Jayna Gieber Spiritual Director of People of the Heart, www.PeopleoftheHeart.com

    Senior student of Thich Nhat Hanh, Al Gore, Spotted Earth Woman, and Joanna Macy, Jayna addresses the concerns of our planet with a spirit of engaged love and compassion. As grandmother to Pepper and Kai, she devotes her lifeforce to creating a just and sustainable world for present and future beings of all species.

    Donations to 350PDX gladly accepted.

  • Wednesday
    May 3 2017
    Culture of Gendered Violence

    This training offers an exploration of the historical and cultural causes of violence against women. We will examine how it is a logical, though completely intolerable, extension of a firmly entrenched misogynist worldview, imposed upon women, children and men over thousands of years. We will explore how this violence is used to help to maintain patriarchy, male dominance and oppressive stereotypes.

  • The Rent Control Debate -Presented by XRAY.FM & Portland Forward

    It's time to debate rent control in Portland!

    In response to the housing crisis, the state legislature is considering lifting the statewide ban on rent control, and members of Portland's City Council are openly discussing what rent control might look like in our city. We need more public discussion of this important and controversial set of policies that will shape housing in the city and the state for decades to come.

    XRAY.FM and the advocacy group Portland Forward are hosting a spirited debate between advocates on both sides of the issue: Economist Dr. Gerard Mildner of the PSU School of Business Administration and Margot Black, an organizer with Portland Tenants United. Jefferson Smith of XRAY in the Morning will be moderating the debate and the whole conversation will be recorded live for future airing on XRAY.FM and KXRW Vancouver.

    Come participate in democracy!

    This event is ALL AGES (alcohol will still be sold, don't worry) Tickets are $7 (all fees included) and proceeds go to XRAY.FM

  • Intro (101) Class to the IWW

    IWW Hall

    If you are an existing or former IWW member, or are thinking about joining the union, this is where you want to be! * We will discuss what makes the IWW different from other unions (trade or otherwise). * We will also discuss awesome topics like Solidarity Unionism and Direct Action. * As this is right after May Day, you'll be able to connect in solidarity with others who are fighting for the same cause of worker power.

    The IWW is building a working class movement -- here in Portland and internationally -- for worker power and defense on the job and in our communities. This class struggle affects us all and we want YOU to be involved in this awesome and inspiring work.

    This class is FREE and open to all workers. Light snacks will be provided! We sincerely hope to see you there!!

    If you require babysitting assistance or kid focused activities on site in order to participate, please contact us as soon as possible so that we can make arrangements with our Junior Wobblies coordinators*.

    *Junior Wobblies is a vetted committee in the IWW designed to help provide childcare to fellow workers for the purpose of attending meetings, events, among other situations. The IWW makes sure that anyone involved with Junior Wobblies is a trusted community member, so that parents can have peace of mind.

  • Thursday
    May 4 2017
    Voices of Change 2017

    May is nationally recognized as Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, and we invite you to be a part of it by joining us for APANO’s Voices of Change 2017: A Celebration of APA Heritage Month held on May 4th, 2017 at 6PM at the Oaks Park Dance Pavilion.

    Come together with 300+ community leaders and supporters for an exciting evening of cultural performance, delectable dining, and a prestigious keynote by strategist, politico, and coalition builder Gregory Cendana, the first openly gay and youngest-ever Executive Director of the Asian Pacific American Labor Alliance and Institute for Asian Pacific American Leadership & Advancement.

    As a special treat, we will be unveiling our first-ever series of commissioned artwork created in collaboration with 6 local API artists, based on APANO's values of "We envision a just world where...". Be the first to get a glimpse of what this just world can look like.

    As many of you may know, APANO is in the midst of fundraising for a multicultural community center through our $2 million Roots to Rise campaign. This future center will be a hub for healing, services, civic engagement, cultural work, and organizing, and will anchor one of the most linguistically and ethnically diverse communities in the metro area. All funds raise from Voices of Change will be dedicated toward supporting this project.

    We look forward to celebrating with you!

  • No Human Being Is Illegal: Community Panel

    Panelists will include presenters from: Milenio.org, Carpenter's Local 1503, Voz Workers' Rights Education Project & International Socialist Organization

    From the Muslim ban to the relentless ICE raids that have been terrorizing communities, it's vital that we come together and discuss how we stop these attacks and build a bigger movement to defend Immigrant rights overall. Join us for an evening of panelists on this important issue!

  • Shaun King: The New Civil Rights and Global Justice

    New York Daily News journalist and civil rights activitst Shaun King is one of the rising go-to voices for crucial conversations around social justice, race, and inequality. In his columns and through social media, King has become a powerful force in shaping how the world knows about those most affected by racism and injustice.

    The 2017 International Speaker Series, hosted by the World Affairs Council of Oregon, has the theme of NEXT/NOW.

    The International Speaker Series began in 2000 in celebration of the World Affairs Council of Oregon’s 50th anniversary. Speakers have included Hillary Rodham Clinton, Mikhail Gorbachev, Condoleezza Rice, Vicente Fox, His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Madeleine Albright, Desmond Tutu, Sandra Day O’Connor, Bono, and Bill Moyers, among many others. Since its inception, the series has become the nation’s premier speaker series presenting the people, ideas, and issues shaping our global future.

    Tickets for the four-part Series can be purchased online at www.portland5.com, at the Portland’5 Ticketing & Box Office (1111 SW Broadway, Portland, OR 97205), by calling 1-800-273-1530, or by visiting a TicketsWest outlet http://www.ticketswest.com. Ticket prices for the four-part Series start at $80.

  • Friday
    May 5 2017
    Designers Taking Action

    Design has an extensive impact on how social movements are activated. Designers are engaging in campaigns and social issues at increasing levels, and non-designers are learning and implementing design practices for a more effective movement. Design is employed to shape activism, including everything from establishing a voice and brand, to empathizing with an audience and rapidly prototyping to maximize your impact.

    Kicking off this monthly event will be speaker Natalie Sundeleaf Sept, who has found her passion at the intersection of activism, engagement, art, and design.

    Natalie will discuss how designers, makers, and artists react to times of change through both resistance and forward thinking. Natalie calls herself a meeter and a maker, and turned her energy into activism when she worked on Hillary Clinton’s campaign. Taking place at the Center for Architecture the morning of May 5th, this presenter will help convey to attendees the power of design in social activism. Complete with breakfast and coffee, the kickoff of Design Museum Mornings is not to be missed!

    Design Museum Mornings is a monthly event series brought to you by Design Museum Portland. These events are meant to inspire you before your day begins and bring you closer to the Design Museum Portland community. Each event will include a short presentation by a local thought-leader, free breakfast, and great people to wake up with. These events are hosted and sponsored by various generous businesses of the Greater Portland area.

  • Cinco de Mayo Rally-Overcoming Oppression with Power

    Join us to our first Cinco de Mayo Rally “Overcoming Oppression with Power” on Friday, May 5th in Shute Park Aquatic & Recreation Center, 953 SE Maple St., Hillsboro 97123 at 5pm. We will be having cultural performances by musicians and local artist. Come and listen our accomplishments our first six months and whats next! More details coming soon.

  • Women Writers Against Trump

    On November 8th this country voted a misogynist Cheeto with a hair-piece to be our president-elect. Now, more than ever, it is crucial that women come together and make our voices heard. When women join in solidarity and support one another, we create change.

    So please, come join us for our second reading on Friday, May 5th as five damn good women writers stick it to the man (with the flaming orange head carpet) by drawing attention to the voices and ideas he and his administration attempt to silence.

    Of course, all forms of gender and genitalia are warmly welcome!

    This event is free, but there will be a jar for donations. All donations will go to No More Deaths / No Más Muertes. Please go to the following website for information on this incredibly important organization: http://forms.nomoredeaths.org/en/

    You can also find more information about the reading series and the positively, perfect sister hosts at http://womenwritersagainsttrump.org/ .

    Hosts: Chrys Tobey and Allison Tobey

    Readers: Andrea Hollander Kate Carroll de Gutes Natasha Sajé Stephanie Adams-Santos Xochitl-Julisa Bermejo

    Bios: Andrea Hollander moved to Portland, Oregon, in 2011, after many years in the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas, where she ran a bed & breakfast for 15 years and served as the Writer-in-Residence at Lyon College for 22. Her 4th full-length poetry collection was a finalist for the Oregon Book Award; her 1st won the Nicholas Roerich Poetry Prize. Among her many other honors are two Pushcart Prizes and two fellowships from the National Endowment for the Arts. Her website is andreahollander.net.

    Kate Carroll de Gutes took her first political action at age 11, when she invited Greenpeace—without her teacher’s knowledge or consent—to talk to her class about clubbing baby seals to death for their pelts. She was home sick the day the man arrived unannounced to talk to her class, but she was led by the principal to understand that the presentation was effective, if gruesome. As a queer writer, Kate faces political issues every time she sits down to work. Her award-winning memoir in essays, Objects In Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear, deals with gender identity and sexual orientation, and how to navigate in a world predicated on Cosmopolitan. You can learn more about Kate and pre-order her second book, The Authenticity Experiment: Lessons From The Best & Worst Year of My Life at www.katecarrolldegutes.com.

    Natasha Sajé teaches at Westminster College in Salt Lake City and in the Vermont College of Fine Arts MFA in Writing Program. She is the author of three books of poems, most recently Vivarium (Tupelo, 2014); a book of poetry criticism, Windows and Doors: A Poet Reads Literary Theory (Michigan, 2014); and many essays. www.natashasaje.com

    Stephanie Adams-Santos is the author of Swarm Queen’s Crown (finalist for a 2017 Lambda Literary Award) and several chapbooks: Total Memory; Little Fugues and The Sundering (Winner of the New York Chapbook Fellowship). Her work has been nominated for the Pushcart Prize and Best New Poets, and she is the recipient of a 2016 Oregon Literary Arts Fellowship. Stephanie’s work has been featured for Poetry Press Week, and has appeared in many print and online journals and magazines, including Guernica, The Boston Review, Orion, and others.

    Xochitl-Julisa Bermejo is the author of Posada: Offerings of Witness and Refuge (Sundress Publications 2016), a 2016-2017 Steinbeck Fellow, former Poets & Writers California Writers Exchange winner and Barbara Deming Memorial Fund grantee. She’s received residencies from Hedgebrook and Ragdale Foundation and is a member of the Macondo Writers’ Workshop. Her work is published in Acentos Review, CALYX, crazyhorse, and The James Franco Review among others. A short dramatization of her poem "Our Lady of the Water Gallons," directed by Jesús Salvador Treviño, can be viewed at latinopia.com. She is a cofounder of Women Who Submit and the curator of HITCHED.

  • Music of the Revolution. Vol. 1

    TICKETS AVAILABLE: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/music-of-the-revolution-tickets-33798656692?aff=eac2 Music of the Revolution – Building community, resistance and resilience through music, culture and love. A Benefit show to support the safety and stability of undocumented populations in our community.

  • Saturday
    May 6 2017
    SHETalks WETalk Race Talks for Women Portland
    Broad Space

    Still struggling to deal with your own racism? Are you offending people of color and want to learn how NOT to? Would you like to know how to become a strong and effective Ally and Accomplice to people of color?

    Join us for the next SHETalks WETalk RaceTalks Weekend Workshop for Women in Portland, OR

    SHETalks WETalks is a powerful and pivotal moment when women committed to social and racial justice come together to talk about the challenges at the intersection of gender and race. Join us for this 2-day weekend race-talks retreat and participate in a courageous conversation about race and women. When those two things collide there can be collateral damage that keeps women from unifying the to do the work we need to do in the world.

    During this two-day retreat you will take a deep, honest and truthful dive in the the issues of race, racism, whiteness, white supremacy and Intersectionality. This is not a sit and take notes retreat. You will be actively engaged for two days requiring you stretch way outside of your comfort zone and examine your own beliefs, thoughts and behaviors that perpetuate racism. Additionally, you'll learn the importance of Intentional Intersectionality and how to embody it without offense.

    2 - DAY WORKSHOP MAY 6 and 7, 2017 Portland, OR Workshop Fee: $250 Payment Options Available Includes A Copy of Antagonists, Advocates and Allies

    SEATING IS LIMITED TO 25 WOMEN REGISTER HERE http://www.shetalkswetalk.com/Join-Us-.html

    Join the mailing list to receive updates and strategies for your anti-racism journey. -> http://eepurl.com/cEYhwH

  • Know Your Employment Rights for the LGBTQ Community

    Q Center

    Attorney Talia Stoessel from Bennett, Hartman, Morris & Kaplan, LLP will present basic information about various employment laws in order to empower you in the workplace.

    May 6, 2017 12:30-2:30pm

    Q Center 4115 N Mississippi Ave Portland, OR 97217

    Please RSVP no later than May 5, 2017 to stoesselt@bennetthartman.com. Light refreshments provided.

  • Return & Remembrance

    RETURN & REMEMBRANCE: A Pilgrimage to the Portland Assembly Center Honoring those Japanese Americans who were unjustly incarcerated by Executive Order 9066

    Free and open to the public, RSVPs appreciated

    Seventy-five years ago, on May 6, 1942, Portland was empty of Japanese Americans by military decree. Families were uprooted, property sold, and local businesses closed. Those of Japanese ancestry residing in the local area upended their lives and moved into the former animal stalls of the Pacific International Livestock and Exposition Center. Four months later they joined 120,000 other Japanese Americans in ten hastily erected concentration camps across the United States.

    Please join us as we return to the site of the Portland Assembly Center to honor those who were unjustly forced out of their homes and businesses, driven away by wartime hysteria and racism. Listen to the stories of Japanese Americans who were there in 1942 and how they came together despite great hardship.

    The program will be emceed by David Ono and will include keynote speaker Dale Minami, civil rights lawyer and lead attorney for Fred Korematsu's coram nobis legal team; performances by Minidoka Swing Band, UNIT SOUZOU, and Cascadia Composers; and more.

    Visit www.oregonnikkei.org for more information.

  • Defending Separation of Church & State

    Q Center

    What does climate-change science, women’s reproductive rights, LGBTQ equality, and fair immigration policy all have in common — besides being under siege by the current administration? They’re all argued against from a perspective of religious fundamentalism, which can be countered with a return to the founding ideals in the U.S. Constitution of the separation of church and state. How can those of us previously on the sidelines, whether spiritual, liberal-religious, freethinker, secular, atheist, or agnostic, get involved and make a real difference on these issues? Hear from a distinguished panel of activists and change-makers, then organize into breakout groups that speak to your own individual interests. Let’s together demonstrate that true patriotism, that the path to genuinely “make America great again,” is through honoring our founders’ vision of a secular democracy.

  • Fighting Against Fascism: Past, Present and Future

    SEIU Local

    There is a long and proud history of American Anti Fascist organizing. We are currently living in a time when the face of fascism is changing and new threats are emerging. Ciaran Mulloy (Twin City GDC), Mic Crenshaw (KBOO) and Tyrus (PNW-AWC) will be sharing their experiences with organizing against fascism for over 30 years, where we currently stand in this fight, and the future of this work.

    Mic Crenshaw was born on the Southside of Chicago, and raised both there and in Minneapolis, Mic Crenshaw is a world class MC and poet who has emerged on the national - and international stage. As a teen in the late 80's, Mic was embroiled in the violent streets of Minneapolis, leading groups to physically confront white supremacist gangs that were enforcing their will at local parks and social scenes. After beating back the neo-nazis, the violence remained, both in the streets and from authorities. Crenshaw decided it was time to escape it all and moved west to Portland, OR. Crenshaw says, "I wanted something new. [At the time] my ties with the streets were still pretty strong, and my social life involved drinking and fighting. I was ready for a change."

    Ciaran is a husband, father, soccer coach and union activist in Minneapolis MN. Ciaran was a co-founding member of Anti-Racist Action in Minneapolis 30 years ago(!) and has been deeply involved in anti-fascist organizing for decades. Ciaran is an elected union chief-steward at his workplace and also a member of the revolutionary union the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) - and its community defense arm, the General Defense Committee (GDC). The GDC has grown to approx 130 members in the Twin Cities and has played notable role in developing an IWW picket training, organizing community anti-fascist actions and participating in the militant movement against police brutality in the Twin Cities (including the murders of Jamar Clark and Philando Castille). Ciaran is also a member of the First of May Anarchist Alliance.

    Tyrus was raised in Portland Oregon, with the invasion of Neo-Nazis in the late 80’s and early 90’s into the punk rock scene, the brutal murder of Mulugeta Seraw and the lead up to the Tom Metzger trials in Portland Tyrus got involved in S.H.A.R.P, PDX Baldies, and ARA, organizing physical resistance against white supremacist Nazi gangs in Portland.

  • Liberate! Fundraiser Art Show

    LIBERATE! Work by Political Prisoners and Allies:

    An art show and fundraiser to support political prisoners in the Philippines and to bridge our work with US organizations supporting political prisoners.


    Come join us for an evening of art, music, and community to support the JustPeacePH Tour. The show will feature the stories and art by Filipino political prisoners and work by Portland artists.

    Childcare will be provided!

    About JustPeacePH :

    JustPeacePH is an international platform which supports peace in the Philippines. It has special emphasis in reaching out to individuals, organizations, and institutions which have advocacies on peace and issue-based people’s concerns in various capacities outside of the country. In particular, JustPeacePH aims to seek support from individuals and organizations in multilateral organizations, people’s organizations, civil society organizations, academia, development institutions as well as governments.

    The overall objective of JustPeacePH is:

    (1) to create an international network or platform to support peace in the Philippines.

    (2) to support the Filipino people’s aspirations for just and lasting peace.

  • Rocky Horror Picture Show - Benefit for Sisters of the Road
    Clinton Street Theater

    Join the Clinton Street Cabaret, Portland's oldest, best, and only Rocky Horror Picture Show shadow cast, for two nights of absolute pleasure in support of Sisters Of The Road Café! We will be supporting the Café on our April 29th and May 6th shows.

    Experience the midnight show in all its splendor, complete with audience participation, callbacks, and the Clinton Street Theater live shadowcast, the Clinton Street Cabaret!

    We will be asking for donations at the door, and all proceeds from prop bag sales will go to Sisters of the Road Café. Strap on your fishnets for a great cause!

    Sisters Of The Road is a nonprofit Cafe in Portland’s Old Town/Chinatown neighborhood working to create systemic change that will end poverty and homelessness by providing nourishing meals in a safe, dignified space.

    Since 1979 the Café has been a fixture in the community advocating for non-violent social justice and change. Sisters Of The Road exists to build authentic relationships and alleviate the hunger of isolation in an atmosphere of nonviolence and gentle personalism that nurtures the whole individual, while seeking systemic solutions that reach the roots of homelessness and poverty to end them forever.

    The Clinton Street Theater, home to the longest running weekly showing of "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" in the world, has been thrilling, chilling, and fulfilling the Portland community since 1978.

    Doors open at 11:30 PM Tickets are $8 Prop bags available for purchase (all sales go to Sisters Of The Road Cafe)

  • Sunday
    May 7 2017
    Portland Town Hall Meeting - Rep. Suzanne Bonamici OR-1

    Lincoln High School

    Rep. Bonamici's Portland Town Hall Meeting Date: Sunday, May 7, 2017 Time: 11:00am Location: Lincoln High School, Gym – 1600 SW Salmon Street, Portland, OR 97205

    Expect 10-15 minutes of remarks about current issues, then Q & A

    Prepare by 1. Studying the Indivisible Guide on Town Halls [http://tinyurl.com/mgedep7]. 2. Reviewing these two things from your OR-1 Research Team: Town Hall Guide [https://tinyurl.com/jwrwxyw] and TH Tips [https://tinyurl.com/n3fxl2f]

    NOTE: We'll be updating the Town Hall Guide, so check back around May 2 for the super fresh guide.

    The Town Hall is probably 60 minutes, perhaps 90.

    See you there!

  • Film Screening - Now is the Time: Healthcare for Everybody

    Our healthcare system doesn't work...Medicaid and Medicare are under attack... what is the solution?

    Join the Portland Jobs with Justice Healthcare Committee, Health Care for All Oregon, Nurses for Single Payer, and Alliance for Democracy Portland for a screening and discussion of this important film that exposes the forces preventing us from winning single-payer healthcare for all.

    $5-20 sliding scale, no one turned away.

  • Tuesday
    May 9 2017
    Rally to Save the Elliott State Forest

    The State Land Board is meeting once again over the fate of the ELLIOTT STATE FOREST. This 82,000 acres of coastal temperate rainforest is home to 10 endangered species and over 70 species of concern. It contains some of the last remnants of Oregon's old growth. This precious resource is OWNED BY THE PEOPLE OF OREGON and WE DO NOT WANT TO SELL IT! The land board members need to be aware that Oregonians want to keep the forest public. Plan a trip to Salem on May 9th to send that message loud and clear.

    We will gather in front of the Department of State Lands at 9:00 am with signs and green apparel to show our support for the forest. Sign ups for public testimony, if allowed, will happen between 9 am and 10 am. The Land Board Meeting starts at 10 am. Carpool, bring friends and family. This is being referred to as "Oregon Old Growth's Last Stand" and WE NEED TO PACK THE HOUSE!



  • Here to Stay Fundraiser

    Lucky Lab NW

    Join us on Tuesday, May 9th at the Lucky Lab for some delicious food, great company, and updates from Andrea Williams on Causa's work in response to emerging needs. We will also raise money to support rapid response work in our immigrant communities.

    With recent attacks, arrests, and detentions, we need to make it clear that immigrants and their families are Here to Stay!

    RSVP today! We'd love to see you.


    Can't make it? consider making a gift to support Causa's timely work.

  • We Can Listen: Urban Village Making By Design

    Village-Making in Portland by Design: Responding to Homelessness in our City

    Doors 6:30 pm - All Ages - Bar with ID

    Admission is free! Your donation at the door will support future "We Can Listen" events.

    On May 9th, Grammy-nominated local recording artist and theatrical performer Julianne Johnson will moderate We Can Listen: Together We Make a Village. The conversation will focus on recent efforts to address homelessness in Portland through a design process that brought together a range of stakeholders, including architects, activists, city agencies, and houseless individuals. We will offer our stage to members of Portland's homeless community, along with representatives from the Center for Public Interest Design and the POD Initiative as they discuss The Kenton Women's Village, in NE Portland, as a model for supporting community making and strong social infrastructure among villages of houseless individuals.

    A cultural intersection of storytelling, documentary, music, and personal expression where all voices have the right to be heard, We Can Listen is a free monthly series, and is open to all. Every 2nd Tuesday of the month March-June and Sept-Dec at The Old Church.

    The intention and heart of the "We Can Listen series is to give Portlanders young and old multiple opportunities to hear a variety of speakers share their perspectives on todays most important social justice topics in a moderator-led conversational setting. The goals are to build community, educate, and share the positive impact that truly listening to diverse voices can have on us all.

    The We Can Listen series will present speakers both well-regarded and new to public discourse on topics Portlanders have demonstrated are important to them: Native American rights and abuses, racism, the homelessness crisis, the environment and clean water, immigration and refugee issues, gender equality, disability and health care, hunger and food security, civic engagement strategies for adults and youth, and other compelling social justice issues.

    With We Can Listen, The Old Church wants to give those speakers and listeners a trusted, respectful and inspirational gathering space, which we believe will result in important civil discourse and self-directed, self-sufficient modes of action.

    The Old Church was built in 1882 and is a nonprofit, non-religious historic landmark and performance space.

  • Thursday
    May 11 2017
    Indigenous Resurgence and Radical Anti-Colonial Struggle

    Presentaion and Discussion with Kanahus Freedom, Amanda Lickers, and Klee Benally

    From the Idle No More movement to the events at Standing Rock, the idea of native resistance has been receiving increasing mainstream visibility. There is an endless onslaught of extractive and destructive industries involved in land theft, indigenous dispossession, and the desecration of sacred places. This event will bring a variety of indigenous voices from across Turtle Island to discuss what is needed to build an effective, mass movement to resist the ongoing manifestations of settler colonization across this land. In spite of different localities, all are tied to a logic and history of settler colonialism. The growing momentum behind indigenous resurgence, decolonization, and land defense on this continent requires critical movement building, strategizing, and solidarity. This presentation will address different forms of indigenous resurgence across Turtle Island and the critical analyses needed to build a radical anti-colonial movement to defend land and sacred spaces, while attending to the central question of prefiguring the return of indigenous land and life and the dismantling of the settler state.

  • This is Innocence: A fundraiser for Oregon Innocence Project

    Urban Studio

    Please join us for the Oregon Innocence Project's annual fundraiser, This Is Innocence! Our guests will be Anna Vasquez and Cassandra Rivera, two of the four women known as the San Antonio Four. They were convicted of a crime that never happened, sexually abusing the two nieces of one of the women, and sentenced to between 15 and 37 years. Their conviction was anti-LGBTQ and anti-Latina and caused the women were separated from their own children and families - and each other. After serving between 13 and 15 years the women were released and only recently exonerated, at the end of 2016. We are thrilled to welcome them to Oregon! Please join us to hear their story and celebrate their exoneration.

    You will also have the opportunity to hear about OIP's cases and get an update on the vital work we are doing to exonerate the innocent in Oregon.

    Tickets cost $125 and include admission as well as wine, beer and hors d'oeuvres. Sponsorship opportunities start at $500.

  • Feminist Queer Crip: Imagining Accessible Futures

    PSU Smith Center

    Join us at Portland State University for Alison Kafer's keynote at the fifth annual Walk of the Heroines Lecture. Kafer is a cutting-edge critical disability studies scholar and author of Feminist, Queer, Crip. (Indiana UP, 2012). By challenging the (dis)ability system and compulsory heterosexuality, Kafer asks us to imagine what a future based on justice might look like. She expands on how alliances and coalitions can cross disability rights, trans-activism, and feminist activist spaces and time. Kafer’s work is a crucial contribution to feminist, queer, and crip thought. This event is free and open to the public, and will be held in SMSU 327/8/9.

    PSU is committed to providing reasonable accommodations for students and guests attending our events. Requests can be made with the Disability Resource Center at 503-725-4150 or via email at drc@pdx.edu. Please make requests as soon as possible.

  • Plant This Movie

    PLANT THIS MOVIE: Local Filmmaker, Karney Hatch, takes us on a global tour of fantastic urban farms in Havana, Shanghai, Addis Ababa, London, Lima, Calcutta, Lisbon and London- as well as hopeful and inspiring US urban farms -of course here in Portland, too :) #kboo #psxurbanfarms #eatlocal #savethebees With rapidly growing cities and a warming planet, Hatch shows how urban farming is a crucial key for urban health, food, community, habitat and even to help stop climate change. FREE SEEDS & PLANT STARTS to all attendees! Suggested donation: $7-10, with no one turned away for lack of funds! Filmmaker Q&A afterwards, with gardeners and beekeepers on hand to answer questions too. See you there! :) :) :)

    From EcoWatch: Granted, there were fewer people and more open spaces then, but it's still possible to grow a lot of food in urban areas, especially with composting and enriched soil techniques. Toronto plans to supply 25 percent of its fruit and vegetable production within city limits by 2025 and a study from Michigan State University concluded Detroit could grow 70 percent of its vegetables and 40 percent of its fruit on 570 vacant lots covering 5,000 acres of city land. One patch of Detroit land where 12 vacant houses were removed to grow food has supplied almost 200,000 kilograms of produce for 2,000 local families, provided volunteer experience to 8,000 residents and brought the area new investment and increased safety.

    Cities needn't be wastelands of car-choked roads and pavement. Incorporating food production into ever-expanding urban areas makes cities more livable and enhances the natural systems that keep us alive and healthy.

    Investing in small-scale farmers can help lift over 1 billion people out of poverty – UN report. - an estimated 2.5 billion people who manage 500 million smallholder farm households provide over 80 per cent of the food consumed in much of the developing world. Credit: IFAD

    Plant This Movie: 86 minutes.


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